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TitleAssemblies and Public Addresses in Designated Public Forum
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March 4, 2010


Mendenhall Student Center Office of Event Planning & Conference Services, 109 Mendenhall Student Center, Greenville, NC 27834 (telephone: 252-328-4731)

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Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Facilities Regulation

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1. Purpose and Scope:

East Carolina University permits assemblies and public addresses (hereinafter referred to as “Event” or “Events”) by University, student, and non-University-sponsored individuals or groups at the University’s Designated Public Forum1. Unless an Event is sponsored by a University entity, it will not be allowed in areas or facilities other than the Designated Public Forum.

2. Specific limitations on time, place and manner of use:

2.1 Only one (1) Event may be held in the Designated Public Forum at any one (1) time.

2.2. All Events must be conducted without amplified sound2.

2.3. All Events must be conducted so that University pedestrians and automobile traffic are unimpeded and members of the University Community not participating in the Event may proceed with their normal activities.

2.4 Persons involved in and/or attending an Event shall:

a. Comply with any and all applicable laws and/or University policies including, but not limited to, not engaging in any unlawfully harassing, physically abusive, threatening, or intimidating conduct toward any person. Persons who engage in conduct which violates applicable laws and/or University policies may be subject to disciplinary action, removal from campus property, and/or arrest, if/as appropriate.

b. Comply with the directions of a University official acting in the performance of his or her duty.

2.5. Anyone who wishes to sponsor or organize an Event must apply to the Office of Event Planning & Conference Services, 109 Mendenhall Student Center, Greenville, NC 27834, to submit a request for reservation (“Request”).

a. A Request must be received at least two (2) business days, but no more than three (3) calendar weeks, in advance of the proposed time and date of the Event.

b. A Request must indicate: (i) the nature of the intended activity, (ii) the intended date and time of the Event; and, (iii) the full names of the intended participants who will be utilizing the Designated Public Forum. Other routine reservation information may be required.

c. The Office of Event Planning & Conference Services will confer with other appropriate university offices if/as appropriate before approving a Request including, but not necessarily limited to, matters relating to the following issues: (i) time needed for the provision of adequate security for the proposed Event, and/or (ii) proposed time conflicts with another Event.

d. All determinations regarding an Event will be content-neutral, subject only to reasonable time, place, or manner limits. The University may not create restrictions based on the lawful content of speech and no determination will be based on the content of the Event and/or the viewpoint(s) of the Event’s sponsors and/or organizers.

e. Persons involved in an Event may be required to provide picture identification and evidence of an approved reservation to a University official upon request.

2.6. Notification of the scheduling of an Event is routinely forwarded to the following University departments/offices: Police, Building and Grounds, Dean of Students, MSC Operations, Campus Living, Provost, Joyner Library, Student Health Services, and Ledonia Wright Cultural Center. Other University departments and representatives will also receive notifications if/as appropriate.

1 “Designated Public Forum” is defined as the area located in the four-sided green space adjacent to the Cupola, which is adjacent to well-traveled pedestrian sidewalks, and has been open to public speech by tradition and administrative approval. The extent of the site is the area to the South of the Cupola bounded by sidewalks on all four sides.

2 “Amplified Sound” is defined as any sound that is broadcast through electronically amplified equipment or sound that is electronically enhanced. This includes the use of any type of electrical sound equipment from large amplifiers to portable stereo systems.

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