Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Facilities Regulation - Interim - REPEALED

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TitleUse of University Facilities and Outdoor Facilities Regulation
CategoryFinance, Operations and Auxiliary Services

Revisions ongoing August 14, 2012; Revised interim April, 2013; Interim last revised and Chancellor approved October 2, 2014; Revised October 31, 2016; Revised November 21, 2016; Repealed July 2017.


Central Reservation Office ("CRO") at (252) 328-4731

Facilities Service Center at (252) 328-6858

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Additional References

Central Reservations Office ("CRO") East Campus 252-328-4731; West Campus 252-744-5862

First Amendment, United States Constitution

East Carolina University Organizational Charts

ECU Foundations

Office of Student Activities and Organizations

North Carolina General Statute 14-309.15 governing Raffles

Repealed OnJul 24 2017

1. Introduction and Overarching Principles Applicable to this Regulation

Consistent with its Mission, East Carolina University (the “University”) is committed to making its Facilities available for use by internal and external groups and individuals. This regulation provides a framework for use and allocation of University Facilities in order to assist the University in fulfilling its Mission, while at the same time protecting the rights of freedom of expression and association guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (“First Amendment”).

1.1. Notwithstanding any other provision in this regulation, all provisions of this regulation, and, without limitation, all implementing or related policies, regulations, rules, standard operating procedures (SOP), practices, forms, websites, and official actions, (collectively “Measures”) shall be written, interpreted and applied in conformance with the First Amendment. This means that, whether explicitly stated therein or not, this regulation and all other Measures shall be applied in a content-neutral manner, subject only to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions, except that expressive conduct and/or speech may lawfully be limited when the conduct or speech satisfies one or more of the following criteria:

1.1.1. Substantially disrupts University activities or functions;

1.1.2. Violates any applicable law, lawful University policy, regulation, rule or SOP;

1.1.3. Obstructs building entrances, walk-ways or rights-of-way of vehicular or pedestrian traffic on or adjacent to campus;

1.1.4. Interferes with educational activities, meetings, events, ceremonies or other essential processes of the University;

1.1.5. Objectively provokes immediate violence (“fighting words”);

1.1.6. Constitutes unlawful obscenity;

1.1.7. Constitutes unlawful harassment; or

1.1.8. Violates the reasonable and lawful directions of a University official or a law enforcement officer, acting in the performance of his or her duty.

1.2. The above limitations on conduct and/or speech shall be employed only to the extent necessary to alleviate the disruption, violation of law, interference with educational activities, etc.

2. Definitions

2.1. AFFILIATED ORGANIZATION: The Board of Trustees and all University Divisions, Departments, Associated Entities, Registered Student Organizations, and any other organization that is wholly sanctioned, supervised and governed by the University or a Division or Department of the University.

2.2. APPROVED EVENT: An Event that has been scheduled and approved by the CRO or a Sub-Scheduler.

2.3. ASSOCIATED ENTITY: A private organization, foundation or association that operates under its own charter or bylaws, but which exists to provide funding or other support to the University.

2.4. ATHLETICS FACILITIES: Those Facilities, or parts thereof, that the University has reserved for use by the Department of Athletics.

2.5. BANNER: A flag, strip of cloth, sheet, paper or poster that has a total surface area greater than 625 square inches (e.g., larger than 25 inches by 25 inches).

2.6. BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The appointed board that exists to promote the sound development of the University and advises the Chancellor concerning management and development of the University.

2.7. COMMERCIAL SOLICITATION: The use of Printed Materials or other methods of communication to promote a for-profit product or service.

2.8. CENTRAL RESERVATION OFFICE (CRO): The CRO is generally responsible for coordinating, scheduling and approving space reservations for certain University Facilities. In doing so, the CRO shall comply with this regulation.

2.9. CHANCELLOR: The administrative and executive head of the University, who has reporting obligations to the Board of Trustees.

2.10. DESIGNATED FORUMS: Those areas of east and west campus that are set aside for use by all persons at no cost, as provided by regulation 07.30.02.

2.11. DEPARTMENT: An official academic or non-academic unit of the University.

2.12. DIVISION: A group of academic or non-academic Departments, schools, centers, institutes or other University units, headed by the Chancellor or a Vice-Chancellor. As of the time of the implementation of this regulation, the Divisions are: Chancellor; Academic Affairs; Administration and Finance; Health Sciences; Research, Economic Development and Engagement; and Student Affairs.

2.13. EVENT: A gathering, address, rally, demonstration, leafletting, voter registration, or distribution of Printed Materials, in or on University Facilities that are under the scheduling jurisdiction of the CRO or Sub-Schedulers. “Event” does not include those activities that routinely and regularly occur in the normal daily operations of University Facilities, including, but not limited to, private discourse involving University employees and/or students, classes, employee meetings, sporting events or Board of Trustees meetings.

2.14. FACILITIES or UNIVERSITY FACILITIES: Any building structure, grounds, sidewalks, recreation areas, streets, and any other physical spaces of whatever nature, owned or leased by the State of North Carolina and allocated to the University for use or operational control.

2.15. FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION or FIRST AMENDMENT: “[Governmental units, including state Universities] shall make no law, [rule, regulation, procedure or practice] respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.” This definition includes controlling case law interpreting the First Amendment.

2.16. FRONTING: A person or organization is engaged in Fronting if the person or organization making a Facility reservation is not the primary beneficiary of the Event, but the Event is in fact for the primary benefit of a different person or organization.

2.17. INSTRUCTIONAL FACILITIES: University classrooms and other Facilities devoted to academic instruction of students, research Facilities, medical Facilities, residence halls, faculty office and administrative Facilities and offices.

2.18. GENERAL USE BULLETIN BOARD: Bulletin Boards that are not Official Bulletin Boards, and that may be used by Affiliated Organizations and Sponsored Organizations to post Printed Materials. The CRO may be contacted regarding the locations of General Use Bulletin Boards.

2.19. NEWSPAPER: A printed publication (usually issued daily or weekly) containing news, feature articles and/or editorials of public interest. Newspapers are excluded from the definition of Commercial Solicitation.

2.20. MALL: Area of grass and sidewalks on east campus bordered by Cupola Court, Faculty Way, Wright Circle and Campus Building’s – Flanagan/Student Health/Joyner Library normally referred to as the University Mall.

2.21. NON-AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS or PERSONS: All persons, groups, clubs or other organizations that do not come within the definitions of Affiliated Organization or Sponsored Organization, even though some of the members or participants may be University employees or students.

2.22. OFFICIAL BULLETIN BOARD: Any bulletin board on or affixed to University Facilities that is reserved for use by the University, Divisions or Departments for official publications. General Bulletin Boards are excluded from this definition.

2.23. POLITICAL ACTIVITIES: As defined by UNC Policy 300.5.1, actions directed toward the success or failure of a candidate for public office, political party, or partisan political group, including, but not limited to, campaigning, political management, and soliciting financial contributions for political purposes.

2.24. PRINTED MATERIALS: Documents or papers of any kind that convey information via the written word. Examples include Commercial Solicitations, announcements, Banners, signs, declarations, Table Tents, Handbills, Leaflets, Flyers, messages, statements, notices, pictures, posters, pronouncements, proclamations, and similar materials.

2.25. RAFFLE: A game in which the prize is won by the random drawing of a name, number or other identifier of someone purchasing a chance to win a prize.

2.26. REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATION: An organization (including a club) comprised of University students, that is fully registered, and in good standing with, the Student Activities and Organization Center.

2.27. SPONSORED ORGANIZATION: Any organization that is not an Affiliated Organization, but which is sponsored by an Affiliated Organization.

2.28. SUB-SCHEDULERS: Those individuals in Academic and Administrative departments who have responsibilities for managing space reservations for particular Facilities outside of CRO’s scheduling jurisdiction. Sub-Schedulers shall comply with the rules governing their particular Facilities, and, to the extent it is applicable, this regulation. Sub-Schedulers work in concert with the CRO as necessary to facilitate Events.

2.29. TABLE TENTS: Folded miniature flyers that are placed on top of tables (similar to a center piece).

2.30. UNIVERSITY MISSION: To be a national model for student success, public service and regional transformation, East Carolina University:

  • • Uses innovative learning strategies and delivery methods to maximize access;
  • • Prepares students with the knowledge, skills and values to succeed in a global, multicultural society;
  • • Develops tomorrow's leaders to serve and inspire positive change;
  • • Discovers new knowledge and innovations to support a thriving future for eastern North Carolina and beyond;
  • • Transforms health care, promotes wellness, and reduces health disparities; and
  • • Improves quality of life through cultural enrichment, academics, the arts, and athletics.
  • We accomplish our mission through education, research, creative activities, and service while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

    2.31. VENDOR: A person or organization that provides products or services to the University on a for-profit basis.

3. Aesthetics, Safety and Efficient Operations

In order to accomplish its Mission, the University must enforce content -neutral time, place and manner measures to protect the safety of persons and property, promote efficient operations and maintain aesthetically pleasing and orderly Facilities.

3.1. General Requirements for Using University Facilities for Events

3.1.1. CRO’s website lists the Facilities under CRO’s scheduling jurisdiction. Some University Facilities, however, are scheduled by designated Sub-Schedulers in other University Academic or Administrative Units. CRO will direct persons to the appropriate Sub-Schedulers and remain involved as necessary to facilitate an Event.

3.1.2. Affiliated Organizations and Sponsored Organizations may reserve University Facilities free of charge. Non-Affiliated Organizations or Persons may reserve Facilities in exchange for a viewpoint neutral fee. The CRO should be contacted for the latest fee information.

3.1.3. Events must be conducted in compliance with any applicable laws, regulations and rules, including those that require accessibility, reasonable accommodations and that facilitate health and safety. CRO will direct Event organizers to relevant regulatory departments, which may include, but not be limited to, University Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Disability Support Services, and/or ECU Police.

3.1.4. Throughout the planning and implementation stages of an Event, all organizations and persons who wish to use University Facilities for Events shall be readily available and responsive to the CRO, Sub-Schedulers, and identified University officials and Departments that enforce applicable laws, rules or regulations.

3.1.5. University Facilities are not available when the University and/or the Facility to be used for an Event is/are closed, unless the use is approved by the Chancellor/designee.

3.1.6. Instructional Facilities are generally available only to Affiliated Organizations. When not in use, certain Instructional Facilities, as identified in a list maintained by the CRO, are available to Sponsored Organizations or Non-Affiliated Organizations or Persons, provided all applicable University policies, regulations and rules, including this regulation, are satisfied, provided, however, restrictions and charges that are facility-specific and viewpoint neutral may apply.

3.1.7. Unless all applicable safety and access laws, rules, and regulations are satisfied, including, but not limited to this regulation, Event participants shall not maintain any open flame or erect or place in or on any Facility any permanent or semi-permanent structure or object, including, but not limited to, tents, trailers, banners, signs, tables, or stakes driven into the ground.

3.1.8. As listed by the CRO, certain outdoor Facilities Events may include the serving of food or beverages if a University-approved caterer is used and all applicable health and safety rules and regulations are followed.

3.1.9. Facilities may not be used for overnight Events, except for approved Events conducted by Campus Recreation and Wellness.

3.1.10. Event organizers and sponsors, as applicable, shall maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of all Facilities in compliance with the directives of the CRO and the rules of the particular Facility being used. Certain Facilities may charge a fee for housekeeping services as well as grounds services, depending on the type of Event.

3.1.11. Non-Affiliated Organizations and Persons reserving Facilities for Events shall procure and maintain personal injury and property damage liability insurance applicable to the Event, with limits of not less than $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate. All such insurance policies must name East Carolina University as an additional insured, and the declarations page naming the University as an insured must be provided to CRO or the identified Sub-Scheduler at least 3 business days prior to the Event.

3.1.12. All Events must be conducted so that pedestrian traffic and vehicular traffic are not impeded and such that those members of the University community who are not participating in the Event may proceed with their normal educational and operational activities.

3.1.13. Event participants shall not damage, alter, or deface any Facility or other University property.

3.2. Reservation of Facilities for Events

3.2.1. Persons wishing to reserve all or part of a Facility for an Event must submit a completed CRO Request Form through the CRO web portal no fewer than 10 business days prior to the planned Event. If the person making the request is unable to access or use the web portal, the person should call or email the CRO. All applicable pre-Event content-neutral time, place and manner rules, regulations and policies, including this regulation, must be satisfied before an Event may be scheduled, or take place, as applicable.

3.2.2. Facility physical attributes, locations, suitable uses, and availabilities vary widely. Therefore, different content-neutral time, place and manner requirements may apply to different Facilities. The CRO, or a Sub-Scheduler, as applicable, will to help ensure the requestor is timely advised of all requirements for the Facility requested.

3.2.3. Competing requests for use of a Facility are typically resolved on a “first come, first served” basis. In cases of conflict involving requested use of Facilities, the CRO and/or Sub-Schedulers shall first attempt to resolve the conflict to the satisfaction of all parties, including moving Events to other Facilities and scheduling events so that they do not conflict. In cases where a conflict cannot be resolved, priority is determined as follows: Affiliated Organizations; Sponsored Organizations; and Non-Affiliated Organizations or Persons.

3.2.4. The University has determined that this hierarchy best serves its Mission. The Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs/Designee, shall have the authority, based solely on content-neutral time, place and manner criteria, to alter the above hierarchy for single events.

3.2.5. Before approving a request, the CRO may require such information as is reasonably necessary in order to comply with this regulation and/or facilitate the Event, including: (i) the size and nature of the planned Event; (ii) the intended date and time of the Event; (iii) the names and contact information of the Event organizer(s) and/or sponsor(s); and (iv) other content neutral time, place and manner information necessary to facilitate an Event.

3.2.6. Sponsored Organizations requesting to reserve Facilities must provide the CRO with a copy of a contract or other writing acknowledging sponsorship by an Affiliated Organization.

3.2.7. Athletics Facilities are scheduled by Athletics Sub-Schedulers. The CRO will direct persons wishing to hold an event on or in those Facilities to the appropriate Sub-Scheduler for Athletics.

3.2.8. The CRO will coordinate with the Office of the Chancellor and Chief of Staff in order to facilitate requests for lawful use of Facilities for Political Activities. No University equipment or services (e.g., vehicles and other equipment, campus mail, computers and e-mail, postage, photocopying and fax, etc.) may be used for Political Activities. This applies equally to University faculty, staff and students, and to individuals external to the University.

3.2.9. This Regulation does not apply to persons or organizations operating pursuant to the Designated Public Forums Regulation (07.30.02). However, the CRO schedules events in the Designated Public Forums, in conformance with Regulation 07.30.02.

3.2.10. Fronting is prohibited. If it is determined that a person or organization is Fronting for a different person or organization, the CRO will not schedule the Event and/or may rescind approval previously given, unless the person or organization that is the primary beneficiary can satisfy the requirements of this regulation.

3.2.11. Markings on Facility surfaces with chalk, paint, or any other materials is prohibited.

3.3. Posting of Printed Materials On or In University Facilities.

3.3.1. All persons and organizations posting or distributing Printed Materials are responsible for compliance with this regulation. No University Facility shall be damaged by posting of Printed Materials.

3.3.2. Printed Materials not in compliance with this regulation may be removed without notice.

3.3.3. Affiliated Organizations and Sponsored Organizations, may post Printed Materials on General Purpose Bulletin Boards. All such Materials must be removed no more than 21 days after being posted.

3.3.4. A piece of Printed Material posted on a General Purpose Bulletin Board must be no larger than 625 square inches, and shall not extend beyond the frame of the bulletin board. No matter the size, no more than one item for the same Approved Event or other purpose may be placed on the same General Use Bulletin Board.

3.3.5. Printed Materials promoting an Approved Event may be posted at the site of the Event no sooner than 14 days prior the Event, so long as no University Facility surface is damaged. All such Printed Materials must be removed within 72 hours after the conclusion of the Event

3.3.6. All Printed Materials posted on General Use Bulletin Boards will be removed and discarded in the month following the end of each semester and at the end of the second summer term by ECU Housekeeping Services, regardless of the date of posting.

3.3.7. Official Bulletin Boards may be used only by Divisions and Departments in the course of their official functions and duties on behalf of the University.

3.4. Additional Requirements Governing Distribution of Specified Printed Materials On or In University Facilities.

3.4.1. Table Tents.

Subject to prior approval of building managers, which approval shall be based solely on reasonable content-neutral time, place and manner requirements, Table Tents may be placed by Affiliated Organizations and Sponsored Organizations in the following Facilities: Mendenhall Student Center, Campus Dining locations and the Student Recreation Center.

3.4.2. Newspapers The following five Facilities have 1 (one) Newspaper distribution site each: East Campus #1: Mendenhall Student Center East Campus #2: Dowdy Bookstore East Campus #3: West End Dining Hall Health Sciences Campus: Brody School of Medicine Athletic Complex: Ward Sport Medicine Building Newspaper publishers who wish to reserve space in one or more of the five distribution sites should contact CRO regarding availability. CRO will assign spaces in distribution sites on a first-come, first-served basis. The distribution sites within the five Facilities have been selected so as to allow sufficient spaces to accommodate distribution of multiple Newspapers and provide access to staff, faculty and students, without causing substantial disruption of the activities normally carried on in the particular Facility. Newspaper publishers must use distribution boxes or racks, which must remain within their allotted space so as to allow unobstructed egress, normal pedestrian traffic, and accessibility, while not interfering with public safety or safety devices, such as fire hydrants, fire department connections; pull stations, and fire extinguishers. As long as there is space available at a given distribution site, a publisher with more than one Newspaper may occupy more than one space. No distribution box or rack will block access to any other box or rack. It shall be the duty of the Newspaper publisher to maintain their assigned space(s), by removing unsold/undistributed copies, and keeping their assigned space, including their distribution racks and/or boxes, uncluttered, operational and free of graffiti. Newspaper publishers in violation of this regulation shall be subject to revocation of an allotted space if the violation is not rectified within 7 days after the Publisher receives written notice setting forth the violation and the action required to remedy the violation. Distribution racks and Newspapers may be immediately removed and/or moved without prior notice, to the extent they pose a health or safety danger. Nothing in this regulation shall be construed as granting a leasehold interest or any property right whatsoever in the space(s) allotted to a Newspaper or a Newspaper publisher.

3.4.3. Banners Except as provided below, Banners may not be hung or displayed on University Facilities. In compliance with this regulation, the CRO, in consultation with Facilities Services, must pre-approve the location and size of a Banner before it may be hung. Only Facilities Services may hang or remove a Banner. Facilities Services will hang Banners only on behalf of Affiliated Organizations or Sponsored Organizations. A Banner may hang for no more than two (2) weeks prior to the Event and must be removed within 24 hours following the Event. Self-installation of Banners on or in Facilities is prohibited. Self-installed Banners may be removed without notice. After approval, Banners may be displayed or hung in the designated Banner area on the eastern end of the Mall closest to Wright Circle and the designated Banner area at the bottom of College Hill Drive. A Banner found hanging in or on any other Facility may be removed without notice. Banners may not hang over sidewalks or in any way inhibit pedestrian or vehicle movement. If a Banner causes any damage to a Facility, the Affiliated Organization or Sponsored Organization responsible for the Banner shall be held responsible for the cost of repair.

3.4.4. Leaflets/Handbills/Flyers Leaflets, Handbills and Flyers may be distributed via United States mail. Only Affiliated Organizations and Sponsored Organizations may distribute Leaflets, Handbills or Flyers on or in University Facilities. Persons who wish to distribute Leaflets, Handbills or Flyers on or in University Facilities should contact the CRO to reserve one or more of the Facilities used for distributing Leaflets, Handbills or Flyers. The organization(s) or person(s) distributing Leaflets, Handbills or Flyers is/are required to collect and remove any loose, dropped, or littered Leaflets, Handbills or Flyers in the vicinity of the distribution area. Failure to do so may result in a charge to the organization(s) or person(s) distributing if Facilities Services must provide housekeeping or grounds services due to violation of this subparagraph.

3.4.5. Additional Rules applicable to Commercial Solicitation Vendors may engage in Commercial Solicitation in or on a University Facility with any University employee whose job description includes working with such Vendors to purchase goods or services on behalf of the University. Affiliated Organizations and Sponsored Organizations may sell or promote articles in or on University Facilities as part of non-profit fund-raisers, provided that there is no conflict with University-operated or contracted sales. Vendors may not engage in Commercial Solicitation of University students or employees whose job description does not include working with such Vendors unless such Commercial Solicitation is allowed by contract with the University or if the Vendor is a Sponsored Organization There shall be no door to door solicitation of any kind in or on any University Facility. Affiliated Organizations and Sponsored Organizations may conduct solicitations of their own members as deemed necessary and appropriate by their rules and practices. The following Commercial Solicitations are expressly prohibited on campus: Sale of food products that conflict with dining services sales, as determined by the Director of Dining services or his/her designee. Sale of items that conflict with existing University contracts or services, including but not limited to course materials, textbooks, electronics, merchandise and ECU apparel not purchased through the ECU Student Stores. Sale of items using University-copyrighted images without prior approval. All organizations and persons wishing to engage in fund-raising in the residence halls must first receive permission and direction from Campus Living, pursuant to content neutral time, place and manner restrictions.

3.4.6. Raffles All Raffles shall be conducted in compliance with North Carolina General Statute section 14-309.15. The University may conduct no more than two Raffles per year. Any Registered Student Organization wishing to hold a Raffle under the umbrella of the University must first receive permission from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Designee. Separate and apart from the University, Registered Student Organizations may lawfully conduct no more than two Raffles per year, but only if the Registered Student Organization is also recognized by the North Carolina Department of Revenue as tax-exempt entity. University Employees should direct legal questions about conducting Raffles to the Office of University Counsel.

3.4.7. Amplified Sound Amplified Sound is not allowed in the following areas without prior approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Involvement and Leadership or designee, due to their proximity to classrooms, residence halls and/or study areas: Science & Technology plaza area; Joyner Library sonic plaza area; Rivers Building plaza area; and Wright Plaza area. Amplified Sound may be permitted in the following areas starting at 6:00pm Monday-Friday and starting at 10:00am on Saturday and Sunday due to their proximity to residence halls, classrooms or study areas and at other times with prior approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Involvement and Leadership or designee: Mendenhall Student Center brickyard area; Mendenhall Student Center dining hall entrance area; University Mall; Todd Dining Hall entrance area; Eastpointe Dining plaza area (Jones Hall); Jarvis Hall back yard area; and Alumni Lane road area. Amplified sound is not allowed in the following areas except during official University Events arranged by or with the approval of the Chancellor’s Office or designee: Trustees Fountain at Wright Circle; Whichard side yard area; Fifth Street yard area (beside Spilman); and Fifth Street yard area (in front of Jenkins). Amplified sound is allowed in the following areas in accordance with the guidelines established by this Regulation: Bottom of College Hill area; Athletic grounds; and Recreation field areas (North Recreation Complex and Blount Recreational Sports Complex). No amplified sound is allowed in any outdoor Facility area after 12 midnight without prior approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Involvement and Leadership or designee due to proximity to residence halls, classrooms or study areas. In addition to any specialized policies, regulations, and rules for the specific area being used, all outdoor Events are subject to the City of Greenville Noise Ordinance No. 05-108. The performing groups, sound amplification providers, and the Sponsoring Organizations must acknowledge awareness of and adherence to all sound regulations by including agreement to this regulation in the contract when scheduling an Event. Amplified Sound shall be reduced or ended to the extent it creates any of the conditions listed in 1.1 above.

4. Exclusions

Nothing in this regulation shall be deemed to affect the activities of University Affiliated Organizations whose official activities include selling or promoting the sale of goods or services, taking surveys, administering the State Employees Combined Campaign, or sponsoring assemblies or public addresses.

5. Consequences of Violation of this Regulation

Persons or organizations found to be in violation of this regulation, shall be subject to discipline, including, but not limited to, removal from University Facilities, loss of University recognition, termination of employment, expulsion, arrest or detention, as the case may be.