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Purpose of Elections

The purpose of the SGA Elections is to ensure a fair, organized way for students to elect their SGA Executives and Student Assembly to represent their voice and to promote the importance of student voice and voter turnout in choosing the SGA elected officers.

Campaigning for office begins no earlier than 8:00am on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

Voting opens at 8:00am on Wednesday, February 21 and closes at 5:00pm on Friday, February 23. Results will be posted by 8:00pm that evening.

2018-2019 Elections Candidate Platforms

Executive Tickets

Ticket 1: Jordan Koonts, President; Lillie Rhodes, Vice President

Our campaign will work to unify the diverse community of East Carolina University while providing equal representation to every student and organization within. Through the creation of a comprehensive plan which will encompass facets such as student safety, increased group advocacy, and complete transparency between campus leaders and those which they serve, we will uphold the SGA creed in all aspects. We will strive to hold leaders accountable while establishing an environment conducive to success. Additionally, we will provide liaisons between student organizations and SGA in order to ensure complete representation of the student body. An emphasis will be placed on promoting organizations which help students grow and succeed during their time at ECU. For example, mental health advocacy will be made a top priority as it can prove crucial to student success beyond their time in college. We plan to continue to expand on campaigns such as 15,000 Pirates while implementing new programs to offer support for students of all genders, races, and creeds. Whether it is providing additional academic and financial resources or creating open forums for conversation, student needs will always be put at the forefront of every decision made by this team.

Ticket 2: Harper Rhodes, President; Stuart Fletcher, Vice President

1. Continue to improve the “Pirate Experience” by means of increased campus safety and student recreation.
2. Further improve relations between SGA and clubs/ organizations such as greek life by means of public events and philanthropies.
3. Increase awareness of resources on campus for mental health and addiction.
4. Maximize student awareness of amenities and services available through the university.
5. Solidify campus involvement by encouraging freshman and transfer student participation in organizations and activities.


Student Assembly Candidates

Sophomore Class Representative

Lydia Cone

I want to be a part of keeping the campus clean, safe, and fun for all students on the campus! I believe that Pirate Nation should unify and work to make the community around us an amazing place to live in. A community that encourages others to want to be a part of Pirate Nation! There should be more campus sponsored events that encourage unity and help bring people together and more events that offer a chance for Pirates to give back to the community around them.

Marina Hobday

I hope to inspire other Sophomores to take more opportunities at ECU and to provide more resources and events to diversify the community. Through empowering others to build a better community through volunteerism, leadership, student activities and representing ECU to the outer community, I hope to push students to attract future prospects and to internationalize the university so learning does not just come from within the classroom. I believe that ECU has as potential for inclusivity and internationalism but needs to use it diversity more effectively by encouraging interactions between multiple cultures and hearing more voices especially from minority representations. I hope with my international experiences and leadership that I can represent the students well and aim for this goal.

Alicia Shanai Kincaid

My biggest goal for being in office is to simply be someone that my peers can come to if they have a problem or a issue they would like to see resolved I am a very organized person and how experience with SGA from High School I took pride in my position and look forward to doing the same here at East Carolina

Kaden Makiah Moore

I would like to become a member of the SGA, because I feel that it would help to prepare me for any leaderships roles I may take on in my future. SGA, would help me to be more open and social due to the interaction with others while taking on the Chair position. By taking this position I would be entitled to many responsibilities and this would help to improve my ability to meet those responsibilities. I would be open to more opportunities, my social involvement would grow, and my ability to manage time would be worked upon. By taking on this role I will be able to learn what it is like to lead others in a very well-mannered and organized way. I would grow socially by working hand-in-hand with others and learning how to understand their opinions just as they learn to understand mine. SGA, would help me to further learn the exact meaning of understanding others, leadership qualities, and people to people interactions.

Tamarah Okam

My goal for my term in office is to serve my fellow students, faculty, and the Greenville community through my position. My goal is to hit the ground listening to the needs of my peers and genuinely understand what has to be done in order to make the students happy and the university better. I plan on doing this by holding meetings for students and faculty to address their concerns, collaborating with organizations around campus to create events to unite students and show them that SGA cares.

Tiana Washington

I wish to make the sophomore class aware, knowledgeable, and involved into SGA. I think I should be selected as the sophomore class representative because unlike most other freshmen, I have experience in ECU’s SGA as the freshman class representative. I wish to bring awareness to things that students suffer from such as mental health, stress, etc. I also want to increase interaction between students who live on college hill and central campus. I can help others become more involved and provide sophomores with a voice that they may have not known that they had.

Samuel Weeks

My goal for East Carolina, would be to ensure that every student feels they are represented through SGA. Doing this would create a better learning environment and help the student body come together as a whole. I would also love to further showcase the great aspects of ECU that our own students sometimes overlook. We aren't just a regional university. We are a national university that deserves more recognition.

Junior Class Representative

Haley Creef

SGA really needs to work on being more transparent, I'm really passionate about this so that will be my number one priority if elected into office. I also just really love this university. If elected, I would love to continue the progress that this organization has worked towards throughout the past year. Fighting for students to be heard and for their concerns is a huge priority of mine and this organization allows me to be a vessel to do so. This university is my home and I would love to help make it a home for other students as well. But first and foremost, transparency needs to be my priority.

Dejah Smith

As Junior Class Representative, I would like to achieve a culture that is all inclusive and provides a sense of unity. I currently feel as if we are a campus divided and it is time to bridge the gap. By obtaining this position I would bring forth ideas such as mentoring programs for underclassmen that may need help transitioning into college in general. I think guidance coming from a person of leadership gives an alternative perspective, as opposed to relationships with friends and family. The amount of activities catered to specific interests should also be increased in the off season. In the summer and spring, it seems like we have a surplus of events on campus but in the fall and winter we do not. I think a fun campus that provides a sense of relaxation during times when we are stressed as students should be year round. There are also changes in the community based off of different areas of the campus that need to made. For example, there is a lot of talk about the dining on campus and improvements that could be made but these suggestions are never taken into a higher account. I would like to be the voice for those who may not be brave enough to speak out or have the motivation/time to do so. East Carolina is an amazing community but we can make it better. As the Junior Class Representative, I would represent everyone on campus and strive to meet the needs of the majority.

At-Large Representative (32 seats)

Jonathan Abrams

To lead, respect, and engage my fellow students.

Darius Alexander

As an at-large representative, my ultimate goal is to be a voice for the entire student body. My plan is to decipher the diverse needs of the student populace and bring those needs to the attention of the General Assembly. One aspect of my platform is that I plan to discover the needs of the student body on a one on one basis. I feel that doing so would be highly effective as a grassroots effort to genuinely connect with my fellow students and get their thoughts and opinions heard. In doing so I believe I would increase the approachability of the SGA and our overall relatability. On a more specific note, I plan to focus on the difficulties that our students face, and I plan to speak for many clubs and organizations around campus including but not limited to Philosophy Club, Psychology Club, and the ECU Pre-Law society. Clubs aren't always able to connect with us with ease so, I plan to make that possible. I possess the character, and leadership skills required for the position and it would be honor and pleasure to serve.

Sam Atwell

My goal is to advocate for the students and to help pass initiatives that’ll improve student life.

Christopher Balance

I have been serving with SGA since Fall of 2017. Since joining, I have worked with the Local and State Affairs Committee on advocating student issues to our local and state politicians. I have also served on SGA's Opioid Epidemic Council working towards awareness and involvement of students in ending the opioid crisis. If elected, I would continue my work on these issues.

Mark Baur

A part of being a good leader is being a good listener and I promise to hear your voices. I will make sure the student body is heard and represented and I hope to better the community by doing so. I have a great sense of ambition and when I commit myself to something, I try to do it to the best of my abilities. I also love helping people and that is what I intend to do if elected.

Nolan Beaty

I hope to bring to light any concerns the students of East Carolina may have and that my service may benefit the overall quality and experience of the school. While serving on Shipmates I was able to understand how SGA works and I believe that my insight can benefit my effectiveness should I be elected. I will put the overall interests of the community above personal ones if they conflict with one another. I promise my dedication and commitment. Lastly, hope that I may represent the students as an At-Large Representative.

Ian Bush

I'm running on the platform that we need to take better care of our facilities.

Melany Contreras

Living in the USA as a Mexican-American is a large part of my identity. In high school, I was Vice President and President of Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica my Junior and Senior years. I used my leadership position to educate other members about Latino culture and to represent it with pride. I wish to continue doing the same at ECU as an At-Large representative. I believe that the Latino population at ECU is underrepresented, and I wish to use my position as an At-Large representative to give my people a voice. We are a part of the student population too and we all share different perspectives that deserve a chance to be acknowledged.

Dan Disano

After serving as the Sophomore Class Representative last year and the Director of First Year Programs this year, I have a lot of ideas that I want to carry over with me into my senior year at ECU. It has been my honor to serve my class for 2 years straight and to be in the Executive Cabinet of the Rogers-Smith presidency. I am eager to stretch the amount of time I have spent in the SGA to three years and keep the progress going.

Melay Efrem

I would like to continue to serve the student body here at East Carolina University in order to hear the needs of all of Pirate Nation.

Brandon Gildersleeve

Students attend ECU for academic excellence.  While many areas excel, there is still room for growth. I would like to see the implementation of policy which requires professors to provide timely feedback to their students.  As the Greenville area continues to expand, I would like to act as a liaison to get bus routes in place for our new off-campus apartment complexes.  As ECU quickly becomes America’s next great national university, our enrollment numbers will continue to steadily climb.  I would like to facilitate our school’s growth by maintaining up-to-date study spaces on campus, providing multiple options for students.  Finally, SGA can not be effective without a strong voice from the student body.  I plan to increase student participation in student government by heavily promoting our meeting agenda on social media in order to draw more involvement.

Hudson Gise

Throughout my life I have always loved helping others. As an At-Large representative I will do nothing but support the greater good for our school, and make sure everyone's voice is heard.

Josh Gurganus

I went through SGA the past couple years in high school and I have spent my freshman year so far in Shipmates. I am addicted to voicing other's opinions and getting students heard. Back in the fall I campaigned for the Green Fund. I went around and told students and faculty about the new proposed sustainability fee.  I got over 100 support cards signed and was ecstatic to have helped the Green Fund progress as far it did. My goal is to help this fund, or any sustainability oriented proposals, get passed in the future, as long as if that's what the students want. If anything has been made clear to me since I've been a student at ECU, it's that students have the ability to make what changes they see fit to our university. However, it takes an active SGA assembly to implement these changes. I'm looking forward to being a part of this process in the future.

Noah Gwynn

I believe I would be a good fit for student government because I care deeply about my education as well as my community. I would work hard to give students a voice as well as help to strengthen community relations.

JP Harrell

To better represent students at East Carolina.

Mario Hobbs

As a students assembly representative, I my goals are -Students involvement -Information ECU Student about SGA -advocacy for students

Harold Hui

During the next school year, I plan to establish a better bridge gap between the administration and students. I also want to expand safe ride so longer hours will be available later during the weekends. I also want to develop a better carbon neutral plan and help make our campus more eco-friendlier. Next, I want to upgrade our furniture in our library to include more couches and comfortable study spaces. These are just some of the many ideas I have planned for the next school year.

Matthew Miller

As a Representative, I want to show the student body that they are being listened to and that we as their representatives are doing our job and being a voice for the things that are important and relatable to the people we represent. One thing I would like to do to help better ECU is by having a way where students, not just representatives or SGA leadership, but the actual student body can be able to make their voice heard to Chancellor Staton and his staff. I am aware Chancellor Staton has meetings at the beginning of the year and is a busy man, but I believe that we could set up town hall-style meetings throughout the year where the student body can come and ask questions to the Chancellor and his staff about how the university is being run and why this is the best way to do it. The problem with his meetings at the beginning of the year is they are at the beginning of the year, and problems do not only occur at the beginning of the year, they occur throughout the year. These meetings would allow us the ability to discuss them as they occur.

Bryant Neal

While serving as a Student Assembly Representative I hope to accomplish many things. On the top of my list would be taking the ideas of all ECU students into consideration to represent the entire student body. I will try to get SGA to reach-out to students to, hopefully, in return have them reach out to SGA. Additionally, I plan to get student-led organizations more involved in SGA. Therefore, not only will individuals’ voices be heard, but the ideas of student-led organizations will be heard too. I want to represent all students, and organizations, to contribute to SGA. A personal accomplishment I hope to achieve would be to advance further and stick with SGA. I would like to stick with SGA until I graduate to benefit the school and SGA as much as possible. With all this combined I plan to make ECU and SGA better than I found it. Joining committees, and positively contributing to them, is something else I hope to achieve while in SGA. While in SGA in high school, I grew SGA, got students involved, and left it better off than when I first started. I plan to accomplish the same thing with the SGA at ECU.

Taylor Nishimoto

If selected as an at-large representative, I promise to always honor the wishes of the students at East Carolina University. Any student that has concerns or suggestions affiliated with ECU can speak with me at anytime and I will have it addressed immediately. I believe I should be given the chance to represent the students body because I am hardworking, openminded, and most importantly, I will always put the needs of the students first, being that I only want the best for my fellow classmates.

Madelyn Rose

I’m running for Student Assembly Representative because I want to improve campus life for students and be a voice for them. I want students to know that their voice and opinions matter to someone. I believe every student should have the opportunity to reach their goals.

Noah S. Shuler

My platform consists of three simple components: efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and diversity.  Our student government needs to be as efficient as possible.  Representing nearly thirty thousand students is an enormous task, and SGA must continue to maintain its administrative and legislative efficiency to best serve the student body.  To accomplish this, SGA must be held to a high standard of fiscal responsibility.  The current Assembly has proven itself capable of this goal, and we must require this of the next Assembly as well.  Finally, East Carolina University's diversity of thought, beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds is what has made this institution so great.  SGA must continue to represent the interests of one of the most diverse campuses in North Carolina.  As a current member of the Assembly, I strive to represent these three ideals in all of my actions, and with your support, I will continue to do so in the coming year.  We need experienced leaders in all of our elected offices to continue to lead East Carolina into the future.

Joshua Smith

My name is Joshua Smith and I would like to be a part of SGA by running for Student Assembly Representative. Every student should have the opportunity for their voice to be heard and I want to make that possible. I want to be involved in the decision making that takes place on campus so that I can make a difference. If I am fortunate enough to be a part of the Student Assembly, my goal for the semester is to improve campus life for everyone. I have previous student government experience so I know how much of a commitment joining SGA is. I am prepared to tackle anything that comes my way and I will be fully dedicated to this position.

Alisha Thomas

While during my term as a part of the At- Large Student Assembly, I plan to improve the publicity of ECU, certain events that take place on campus and also applying my major of public health. I would love to find ways with my fellow student assembly members, to apply certain initiatives that revolve around health. The initiatives would be things such as Lime Bike, providing free hygiene or safety products and so forth that could follow up with the mission of not only public health but the Campus Recreation and Wellness here at ECU. The Campus Recreation and Wellness' mission on their website is "to engage the Pirate Community in diverse recreational and wellness experiences by providing exceptional facilities, programs, and services." Implementing services such as the Lime Bike on campus would help those get more exercise, while also being cheaper than having to afford or buy a bike.

Josiah Thornton

Service is the selfless act of true leaders. I desire to serve East Carolina University and the Pirate Community so that I may impact, empower and motivate every student to become a part of our growing legacy of our university. I want to continue to help bridge the gap so that every student has a voice that matters. I believe that devoted service to my constituents and the desire lead the Pirate community into a better awareness of accepting others and diversity will be manifest in all the values, opinions and idea across barrier. MY CANDIDATE PLATFORM WOULD BE: "PROMOTE Diversity & Inclusion, ENHANCE Student Welfare & Interests, and PRESERVE the ECU Brand" Every student wants to feel like they are included, welcomed and belong at the university they choose to attend for the next four years of their lives. I want to steer them to the resources they will need to be successful fellow Pirates as they enter campus life. It would be a joy to be an advocate for incoming students as an At-Large Representative for ECU's Student Government Association welcoming them as they adjust into their new environment. I am already connected to the campus community through my membership in SGA and my academic and professional civic responsibilities as I help to enact change around campus in a positive manner. Now, I want to ensure that those changes have an even greater positive effect by serving another year as At-Large Representative. Leadership is an active and intended state of transforming the lives of others with positive influence while meeting and accomplishing a common goal or task. As student government leaders, we are here to be advocates for the best interests of all those involved in our campus community. I want to serve another term as an ECU Student Government Association At-Large Representative lastly because coming together is just the beginning, staying together is the progress we make and working together as an Assembly is the success we achieve!

Hunter Whittington

I have loved everyday that I have spent at East Carolina University. I have enjoyed the administration, the professors, my surroundings, and most importantly the students. I have seen my peers accomplish amazing things during their time here, whether it be something as simple as them traversing through the snow and rain to get to class, or something much more complex like planning an event they are passionate about. These feats, both big and small, show me the spirit of ECU is strong. We are filled to the brim with passionate and caring students that are driven towards success, and as an officer for SGA I would be in the best position to help them meet their goals. I have seen the SGA administrations of my time plan events to give new skills to students, help students relax, and to present them with the opportunities they may not have found otherwise. SGA has a role in each students life on campus and if elected as an at-large representative I would be able to be a part of that mission of students helping students.


College of Allied Health Sciences

Mohammad Sarsour

One who embodies the skill of leadership is not someone who simply wants a title or power of being a leader. Being a leader requires one to be a follower as well as a person who embodies and represents the voice of the people. As a part of the student assembly, I plan to represent the College of Allied Health Sciences in the highest level of professionalism and leadership. The skills I have learned from my past and current leadership experiences have inspired me to pursue other leadership positions that involve larger roles that serve a more diverse and larger population. My passion to serve would fit me best in the College of Allied Health Sciences as I would dedicate my time by making sure every individual has a voice to state how we can improve our experience at East Carolina University.


College of Arts and Sciences

Daniel Barth

I will continue improving ECU. We need many more students like myself in SGA.

Eric Eaton

As a student assembly member, I would like to take other student‘s concerns and be able to address them amongst the association. Most students who have concerns about issues on campus do not want to address them on a level higher than personal conversation. Therefore, I would like to take feedback personally from the students in order to begin a process of approaching the issues.

Deyanira Sanchez

I would like to be able to help underclassmen, such as freshmen, understand their college and be able to use the resources they have available to them. While also continuing to support upperclassmen as they get ready to look for internships and jobs in their final years at the university.

Richard Welfare

I am running to become a member of the Student Assembly because I want to take part in assuring that the University continues to flourish and positively impact the student population. The University, the students, and the surrounding community have made my college experience so special that I want to give back by making sure their wants and needs are being represented and tended to. In my two years as an ECU student, I have been able to meet so many people in so many different organizations on campus that I understand what you believe to be working positively for students and things that need changing. I will strive to not only protect the students' best interests, but also help create a safe and inclusive campus for everyone.


College of Business

Hamza Benlerneb

I believe that I am perfect as a voice for students. I listen when it is time and take action when needed.

Brooklyn Collins

I want to continue to unite the student body in new ways. The work I have put in this past year are certainly a start, but I will need re-election in order to fulfill my true goals. I speak for everyone, not just the people I agree with. I want to continue to be a voice for all students at East Carolina.

Will Hains

My goal is to be able to represent students of the College of Business by voicing their needs as students. While the new additions to the Bate Building have been a great start, there are still changes that can be made. I look forward to having the opportunity to voice my peers' opinions.


College of Education

Eleanor (Ellie) Chappell

As the College of Education representative, I would strive to keep fellow education majors informed and included in the decisions being made throughout our campus. I would like to create more opportunities for future educators to meet and connect with one another through campus events. I also intend on being an advocate for the importance in education within ECU and beyond. I am extremely organized and have an extensive background in leadership, communication, and time management. I feel as though I am an approachable individual who is open to others feedback and suggestions. I am excited to have the opportunity to run for this position and would love to represent the College of Education this upcoming school year!

Molly Parham

I am a very passionate education major student and I want to listen and share the ideas of all students. I have worked with college of education to recruit future pirates.

Keirsten Scheenks

My goal is to let the students of The College of Education speak their minds and be able to seechange. I know that everyone has opinions on how to make our college better, so I want to listen and learn from my peers to help make our college better. I truly believe that our college embodies the amazing students and leaders that our university holds, and we carry the ability to help change the future of our community, state and country. My goal is to help the College of Education get a voice and enact change within our university. Our students deserve to be heard, by each other, our professors, our administration, and by the university as a whole. I would love the opportunity to speak for my peers and my college, my biggest stance is letting students have a voice.

Brandon S. Waters

My goal would be to keep a strong voice for the College of Education and to also keep my fellow peers in the program informed on what is going on campus. i would also be a key contributor to our continued success in SGA and to put my hard work ethic to use.


College of Engineering and Technology

Sophia Armstrong

To represent my college by staying in contact with the department chairs and students.

College of Fine Arts and Communication

Jon Cockerham

My goal as College of Fine Arts and Communications representative is to ensure that our college within East Carolina University receives an ambassador for our organizations and communities, such as PRSSA and TEC. Each student group on campus, Student Union or Greek Life, should receive a representative to serve as their voice within the General Assembly. I intend to serve each communication student group and the College of Fine Arts and Communications to the best of my ability to ensure that our needs are met within SGA.  I will aim for attendance of all fine arts and communication student group meetings that I physically can be at and as my schedule permits.

Caroline Farrington

My goal is to connect with others and make an impact on East Carolina in any way I can. I would like to be a voice for students on campus, listening to their concerns and creating the best college experience for all of the students of our amazing college! I will work endlessly to make sure that everyones voice is heard in the pirate community working with fellow members and staff diligently. I am a hardworking student that has an open mind and a willingness to learn. I am proud to be a pirate and would be honored to serve on the 2018-2019 SGA student assembly.

Dania Gastelum

ECU is my home. I have dedicated my time as an assembly member, committed student and fellow peer. I want to give back to the institution that has opened the doors of opportunity for me. I want to motivate others and remind them that everything they want to earn during their time at ECU is well within their reach. I want to share my time in office with those who matter most, our student body. Together, can continue transforming our university in to an exceptional establishment by giving back to all students.

Toryrose Harris

My platform involves the issues that are most important to me, diversity, mental health, and sustainability. I hope to increase awareness and acceptance between people of different backgrounds and cultures. As I have experienced mental health issues in my own life, I hope to increase awareness of current resources, as well as looking into new ones, such as a student-run counceling center. I also hope to raise awareness of addiction issues, and assist people in learning how to help friends and loved ones with such issues, as I have had family members with such issues. I hope to help create a more sustainable, conservationist, and environmentally-friendly campus as well. Finally, as I am running for Fine Arts and Communications Rep., I hope to bring more attention to the arts, such as the School of Theatre and Dance, and the School of Art and Design, and hopefully remind people how important art, creativity, individuality, and originality is, no matter what field you are in.

Mariah Smith

My goal in my term in office is to get the students more involved with the school and in particular the School of Communications. As a school, we offer so many opportunities that many people don't take. Involvement in your school can make the most out of your college career.


College of Health and Human Performance

Madison Bonser

Goals that I will accomplish if I am selected for better communication between students and the College of Health and Human Performance. As a student, I have been very much in the dark when it came to events that my college was hosting and want to provide a better line of communication. My time in the College of Health and Human Performance has felt very distant from other students and members of the college. The line of communication will be my main goal as a member of SGA of the College of Health and Human Performance. I will be a connection between the students and the chair members of this college.

Chase Zachariah Brown

Well, I first would like to start off by thanking you all for giving me the opportunity to run for a Student Assembly position despite my little experience with me being a freshman l. As for me being a freshman, I’ve had the privilege of being able to see the ins and outs of ECU as a whole and we do have a couple of flaws within our core group, not to say that were the only ones with flaws because that’s definitely not the case but we do have a little bit to work on. I understand with this position it comes with a lot of responsibility but I do know that I won't be alone; if I am elected to Student Assembly, in order for me to do this job successfully I need to listen to those before me and count on those under me. As for our Student Government, we don’t need to listen to one another but believe in one another. I want our University to be as prosperous as possible and the best way for our government association to grow is to increase collaboration within our community, school, and  Greek organizations. I promise if I’m elected as one of your next Student Assembly position chairmen, I will give my all and will strive to set the standard for student government among all universities, not just the one we call our home.

Jordan Kokx

I am passionate about making students experience at this university as fulfilling as possible. East Carolina University offers so many tools for students to succeed, however many don't take advantage of them. If I am selected for this position in the student assembly, I will make it my mission to ensure the success of all students in the college of Health and Human Performance. Success in school is vital to obtain a good career, however I also would like to encourage participation in activities outside of the classroom. In health professions, having personal and communication skills is also extremely important. I want to show other students how this can make the difference between getting the job they want, and expose them to experiences where they can develop these skills to make them as well rounded as possible.

Dalton McGee

My goals for the upcoming term are to change ECU students' view on the College of Health and Human Performance. I plan to show other students what a great program this can be and to offer a great experience for the current students in the college. I hope to provide opportunities to everyone the chance to meet and form professional relationships with the faculty and their peers. So many students are not getting everything they could out of the College of Health and Human Performance and I aspire to change this.

Stephanie Mortenson

I currently hold the position on SGA as the representative for the College of Health and Human Performance. I want to continue to hold this position in the efforts to continue to help the students in my college have a voice. I love having the opportunity to change and improve our campus and I think another year of being on student government will not only help me grow personally but I could impact the change in our community. I am driven and ready to take on another year of student government if I am elected.I want to do more and be more involved. I am currently on two committees for SGA but would love to take on more in the upcoming year. Being apart of the change that happens at ECU is an amazing feeling and I am proud to get to experience this currently and hopefully in the future as well.

Markus Mosley

Within the past two years, I am pleased to say that I have solidified my career plans and since have been eagerly anticipating the journey ahead of me. As a rising Senior, Biology and Public Health double major, I aspire to lead a life in creating miracles and inspiring charitable efforts to the community around me through a career in Dentistry. I chose Biology as a field of study because it will prepare me for a large spectrum of cognates that will strengthen my foundations needed for any dental school while sparking interest in potential research opportunities that require me to test my critical thinking/problem-solving skills. Public Health, in addition, will not only strengthen my application but will illuminate the many health disparities and guiding principles to be a successful healthcare professional in NC. East Carolina has enabled me to grow in aspects I've never thought possible. Initially making a commitment to Track and Field surrounded me with such positivity until the point where we refer to each other as "family". The best thing is this deep interaction and authentic relationships that stretch far beyond the means of the weight room, virtually everyone I’ve meet on campus has a story to tell and a motivating factor that pushes them to be there best. Attending ECU has helped me develop leadership qualities that will last for the rest of my life.

Stone White

My goals for the coming term are to be able to provide students in the College of Health and Human performance with the opportunity to make the most of their college experience. College is a time for people to branch out and make connections and friendships that will last them a lifetime. I hope to make our college one that is looked highly upon because of the connection that our students have. I believe that having a strong connection between students and faculty is something that is not seen very often, but if it were to happen more opportunities would arise from the connections. I also want to help my college promote healthier living. I believe that healthier living should be heavier publicized than it is, and I will strive to change that.

College of Nursing

Savannah Mann

My goal is to promote innovative change and to be a positive advocate for the students of East Carolina University. My biggest platform is to increase mental health awareness on campus but I believe we should also address a number of other problems we, as students, may face in our time here at ECU.

Ariel Mele

I would like to represent the College of Nursing because, as a student I see the importance and the impact that our university has on all students. This would be my second year representing my fellow nursing students. This year I would like to increase communication between SGA and all the nursing-oriented clubs.I would love the opportunity to represent all of the forward-thinking and hardworking students in the College of Nursing.

Benjamin Miller

My goal is to accurately represent and stand for the desires, goals, and values of the College of Nursing (CON). I am currently on the CON Student Leadership Council, giving me a direct line of communication to the leaders within the CON. This will allow me to better represent them and their interests. I am disciplined and committed to my obligations and will follow through, as the role requires.


Honors College

Breanna Alligood

Thank you for considering me to be the Honors College representative of our Student Goverment. Being a freshman, I feel like there is a lot of learn from this experience. In return, I have a lot of ideas to bring forth from the Student Government at my high school. I had a role every year and eventually served as Senior Class President. I would love to work with coordination through the Honors College to make the Student Assembly thrive!

Victoria Chan

As a student of the Honors College and as an EC Scholar, I am highly invested in the engagement of the Honors College in SGA. I believe that it is important to maintain a level of transparency and to build sustainable relationships between students and members of the student assembly. If selected to be an Honors College Representative, I will ensure that Honors students will have a voice that will be heard in SGA.

Marissa Ferrell

My goal as Honors College Representative would to ultimately be a voice for my peers. As an EC Scholar and a member of the honors college, I feel that I am highly qualified to be a representative of the honors college. Being both a scholar and a member in the honors college, I feel that I can be more invested in the well-being and involvement of the honors college.

Colin Johnson

I am asking for your vote to represent the Honors College in the Student Assembly because I believe I am the most qualified. I have been involved in SGA since my freshman year, and I have served in the Student Assembly this year in various roles working in the Equity and Intercultural Affairs Committee and as a delegate at the UNC Association of Student Governments. I authored and sponsored impactful legislation such as the 2017 Tax Reform Announcement, Banner System Modification legislation, and the Gender Neutrality Resolution. I have been a dedicated leader within the Honors College on the HC Student Council and the EC Scholars Roundtable. As the candidate who has sponsored and submitted the most legislation in the Assembly and as the only candidate who has represented ECU at the UNC system-wide level, I am the most committed to ensuring the Student Assembly is working to advance the interests and concerns of the students at East Carolina University.

Joshua Spears

My experience within the ECU SGA has evolved from being a member of the Shipmates program to serving on the Community Outreach committee to being nominated as the Director of the Academic Affairs Committee. The reason I joined SGA, and the reason I wish to continue being a part of SGA, is to create opportunities to help my fellow students.There is already so much available to us on campus and there is so much more that we can create together. Making changes one day at a time, one student at a time. This is the future I see. With your help and involvement, not only can it be done, it will be done. Go Pirates!


Graduate School

Taylor Hilliard

Having completed my undergraduate degree at ECU, I have been active and have made connections all over campus which has fueled my passion for wanting to get more involved and give a voice for the student body, especially the Graduate School. Through my undergraduate degree in Sociology and now current graduate program in Sociology, I feel confident in my learned skills to be understanding and safeguard the interests of the diverse student body at ECU. I have benefited most from my connections with my professors and I hope to create a stronger link between the students and the faculty in order to promote academia and networking. Ultimately, I hope to take advantage of  the knowledge exchanged within the Graduate School and use it to benefit and give opportunities to the entire student body.

Jessie Jefferys

As a member of the Student Government Association I have worked with students, staff andfaculty on making ECU a better place to live and learn. I have worked on initiatives including the Women and Gender Center, celebrating Black History Month at ECU, and student organization outreach. I have experience in the assembly, executive cabinet, and executive council. I understand how to be successful in SGA and look forward to continuing to serve the student body.

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