OFE Advisory Council

The OFE Advisory Council includes wide membership (representatives from the ECU Academic Colleges and Schools and Offices/Administrators who work closely with the Office for Faculty Excellence). The council meets once a semester (usually in October and March), is solicited for information and input at other times, and has representation on the NFO Planning Committee. The purpose of the council is to provide input pertaining to new faculty orientation, faculty development, mentoring, and other activities to support the faculty of the university and, through them, ECU students. Members also serve as resources to the OFE for faculty information, programming, etc.

Materials for March 17, 2017 Meeting

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Download New Faculty Orientation Planning Committee minutes February 17, 2017

Download OFE Advisory Council minutes March 17, 2017

2017 NFO Planning Information

Download a list of Office for Faculty Excellence Spring 2017 Workshops (as of 3-15-17)

Introduction to College Teaching March-April, 2017 - Provost Fellow Dr. Anne Spuches
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2017 Summer Statistics and Research Series

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Materials for November 9, 2016 Meeting

Agenda and List of Advisory Council Members

Office for Faculty Excellence Assessment 2015-2016

August 15-17, 2016 New Faculty Orientation Schedule

Recommendations for NFO Sessions

January 5, 2017 New Faculty Orientation Schedule

Office for Faculty Excellence Fall 2016 Workshops (as of 11-7-16)

2016 Summer Statistics and Research Workshop Series

Report - 2016 Summer Workshop Attendance

Proposed Statistics and Research Workshops Spring 2017

2017 Summer Statistics and Research Series

Statistics and Research Consultant Report

Eighth Annual Introduction to College Teaching July 25-27, 2016

Instructional Consultant Report

Faculty Teaching Modules (Sitzman/Caring Science)

BB&T Faculty Leadership Fellows Program Spring 2017

BB&T Active Learning and Leadership Program

4-25-16 OFE Advisory Council Minutes


Materials for April 25, 2016 Meeting


Meeting PowerPoint

Spring 2016 OFE Sessions

Estimated NFO Numbers as of April 2016

ACUE Modules Call for Participation

Proposed 2016 Summer Statistics Workshops

Summer Statistics Workshop Series Brochure 2016

Teaching with Technology Summer Academy 2016 Overview

4-25-16 OFE Advisory Council Minutes

Materials for October 6, 2015 Meeting


Council Membership

10-6-14 OFE PPT

OFE Program Assessment Report 8-1-2015

2015 New Faculty Orientation Program

2015 NFO Evaluation Report

2015-2016 Award Nominees

OFE Sessions Calendar Fall 2015 (as of 10-6-15)

Introduction to College Teaching for Graduate Students Fall 2015 Flyer

OFE Research & Statistics Workshops Only Fall 2015

OFE Proposed Research & Statistics Workshops Only Spring 2016

Research & Statistics Workshop Interest Survey - PDF - Online survey

College STAR Flyer

College STAR and STEPP Research Possibilities

10-6-15 OFE Advisory Council Minutes