OFE Instructional Consultant

Contact information:

Joyce Joines Newman MFA
1007 Joyner Library

My role is to help you succeed as a faculty member at ECU. Some of the things I can assist with are:

  • Individual consultations on teaching and learning strategies
  • Assistance with online teaching strategies and quality enhancement
  • Assistance with course design, redesign and revision
  • Development of instructor action plans
  • Presentations on teaching and learning
  • Assistance with locating resources
  • Confidential, unofficial classroom observations and filming
  • Feedback on in-progress writing
  • Consultations on the use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Assistance with the selection of appropriate technology
  • Support for large enrollment course redesign projects
  • Facilitation of faculty interest groups
  • Support for innovative teaching projects

If you have other needs, please call me or email me or submit a request for assistance through the OFE online request form.