East Carolina University accepts the following CLEP, DANTES, advanced placement, and international baccalaureate college credits. Click on the links below for additional details. Please note that the credits listed below are applicable for students who are applying to Fall 2015, Summer 2015 and Spring 2015 semesters. The credits listed are subject for updating in July of each year. 

CLEP Credit Information  [back to top]

East Carolina University information on CLEP credit is available in PDF format. Click to download the CLEP information.

DANTES Credit  [back to top]

DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) awards college credit for specific examination results in DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests). All credits are three semester hours (3 s.h.) unless noted otherwise. Credit awarded is based upon American Council on Education (ACE) minimum recommendations. The following specifically listed courses have been approved for credit. Course titles may vary from exact listings as seen in current DANTES publications. 

DSST TitleMinimum ACE ScoreECU Course
Accounting, Principles of Fin. ACCT48ACCT2401
Algebra, College47MATH 1065
Anthropology47ANTH 1000
Art, Western World48ART 1910
Astronomy48PHYS 1080
Business Law II52FINA Elective
Computers, Basic Prog.45ASIP 2212
Drug & Alcohol Abuse49REHB 2003
Education, Foundations of46EDUC Elective
Environment & Humanity46BIOL 1060
Ethics in America46PHIL Elective
Finance, Personal46FINA 1904
Geography, Human/ Cultural48GEOG 1000
Geology, Physical46GEOL 1500
History, W. Europe since 194545HIST Elective
History, Modern Middle East Int.47HIST Elective
History, Soviet Union45HIST Elective
History, Vietnam War49HIST Elective
History, Civil War/Reconstr.47HIST Elective
Mathematics, Business48MATH 1050
Money and Banking48ECON 3323
Psychology, Lifespan Developmental46PSYC 3206
Public Speaking, Principles47COMM 2410
Statistics, Principles of48MATH 2283
World Religions, Intro49RELI Elective

Advanced Placement Credit  [back to top]

Placement TestScoreECU CourseCredits
American Govt. & Pol.3, 4, 5POLS 10103
Art History3, 4, 5ART 1906, 19076
Biology3BIOL 1100/014
Biology4, 5BIOL 1100/01/1200/018
Calculus AB (AB subgrade rec. the same credits)3, 4, 5MATH 21714
Calculus BC3, 4, 5MATH 2171, 21728
Chemistry3CHEM 1150/514
Chemistry4, 5CHEM 1150/51 1160/618
Comparative Gov't & Politics3, 4, 5POLS 20103
Computer Science (exam no longer offered)4, 5Com Sci Elective3
Computer Science A3, 4, 5CSCI 26103
Computer Science AB3CSCI 26103
Computer Science AB4, 5CSCI 2610, 35106
Economics, Macro4, 5ECON 21333
Economics, Micro4, 5ECON 21133
English Lang & Comp 3ENGL 11003
English Lang & Comp4, 5ENGL 1100, 22016
English Lit & Comp3ENGL 11003
English Lit & Comp4, 5ENGL 1000, 11006
Environmental Science4, 5BIOL 10605
French Language3, 4, 5FREN 1001-100412
German Language3, 4, 5GERM 1001-100412
Geography, Human3GEOG 10003
Geography, Human4, 5GEOG 1000, 12006
History, American3, 4, 5HIST 1050, 10516
History, European3, 4, 5HIST 1030, 10316
History, World3, 4, 5HIST 1030, 10316
Italian Language & Culture3, 4, 5ITAL 1001-100412
Latin Language3, 4, 5LATN 1001-100412
Music List/Lit (non-majors only)4, 5MUSC 22082
Music Theory3MUSC 10083
Music Theory4, 5MUSC 10282
Physics B3, 4, 5PHYS 1250/51/60/618
Physics C (Mechanics)3, 4, 5PHYS 1250, 12514
Physics C (Elec & Magnetism)3, 4, 5PHYS 1260, 21614
Psychology3, 4, 5PSYC 10003
Spanish Language3, 4, 5SPAN 1001-100412
Statistics3MATH 22283
Studio Art, 2-D Design4, 5ART 10053
Studio Art, 3-D Design4, 5ART 10153
Studio Art, Drawing4, 5ART 10203


International Baccalaureate College Credit  [back to top]

IB CourseScoreCreditHours
IB Biology (Subsidiary Level)5+BIOL 1050/514
IB Biology (Higher Level)5+BIOL 1100/014
IB Environmental Systems (Subsidiary Level)5+BIOL 10604
IB Chemistry (Higher Level)5+CHEM 1150/516
IB Gen. Chemistry (Subsidiary Level)No Credit 
IB Applied ChemistryNo Credit 
IB Computing Studies (Higher Level)5+CSCI 25103
IB Computing Studies (Subsidiary Level) No Credit 
IB Economics (Higher Level)5+ECON 2113/21336
IB English A1 (Higher Level)5+ENGL 10003
IB English A1 (Subsidiary Level)6+ENGL 10003
IB English B (Any)   
IB Geography5+GEOG 10003
IB History (Higher Level)5+HIST 10313
IB History (Subsidiary Level) No Credit 
IB Mathematics (Higher Level)5+MATH 2171/21728
IB Advanced Mathematics (Higher Level)5+MATH 2171/21728
IB Mathematical Studies (Subsidiary Level)5+MATH 10653
IB Mathematical Methods (Subsidiary Level)5+MATH 10653
IB Philosophy No Credit 
IB Physics (Higher Level)5+PHYS 2350/23608
IB Physics (Subsidiary Level)5+PHYS 1250/606
IB Spanish5+SPAN 1001-100412