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East Carolina University recognizes the important role high school counselors and transfer advisors play in helping students through the college admission process. We are grateful for everything you do and hope this information will make your job easier as you encourage your students to apply to East Carolina University.

We realize not all seniors will enter a four-year institution immediately after high school. We also know many of them will consider transferring to East Carolina University in the future. As they look to you for assistance, this information will help you provide the foundation a student needs to make a successful transition to East Carolina University.

Upcoming Events

Community College Counselors are invited to attend the Navigate the Course to an ECU Baccalaureate Degree program on February 12th. This free event will provide information on the transfer admissions process and availability of majors as well as give counselors the opportunity to ask questions of the admissions staff. Registration is now open.

Fall 2013 Freshman Profile

For the fall 2013 term, we received over 15,000 applications from prospective freshman students, and offered over 11,000 of those admission.  The mean academic credentials of admitted students this year were:

  • Unweighted GPA: 3.1/4.0
  • Weighted GPA: 3.5/4.0

Student Resource Codes

SAT - 5180
ACT - 3094
FAFSA – 002923

Application Checklist

All applicants will receive an email notification of receipt after submitting an application for admission.  The email will provide instructions for accessing an online application checklist through the Admissions Portal, including a user ID and password.  Students applying for admission are encouraged to sign up and check their admissions status online, as this will be our official mode of communication.

In addition to E-Script, we accept transcripts via Parchment (formerly known as Docufide). 


Admitted Student Checklist

Admitted freshmen will be receiving instructions with their acceptance letter, informing them of the next steps required in order to secure their place in the upcoming class. You can view this checklist on our website: 

View the Admitted Freshmen Checklist 

View the Admitted Transfer Student Checklist

Publications for Counselors

Download our latest newsletter The Counselor Connectioncontaining the latest news and information for High School Counselors.

Subscribe to the newsletter by sending us an email and ask to be added to our mailing list. Please include your name, title, high school or college name, email and phone number.

Admissions Quick Guide

This helpful information sheet can be downloaded and shared with interested students.  Contact our office for a printed supply. Information includes: admissions requirements, deadlines, student body and faculty profiles, student budget, and a list of programs offered.  Click to download PDF

Degree Explorer

East Carolina University has just launched a new online tool that can help you and your students discover more about the 200+ degrees offered at the university. The Degree Explorer provides quick access to the following information: learn what makes this particular degree special at ECU, what courses students in this program will study, what career opportunities could this degree unlock for graduates who have earned the degree, and much more. 

Click here to Launch the Degree Explorer

Our Top Ten Recommendations to Counselors

  1. Regularly visit our website and subscribe to our email newsletter for up-to-date information
  2. Have students register for the Undergraduate Admissions Web portal. The portal is our online inquiry system for prospective students. Through the system your students will be able to receive additional information about their specific interests, create a personalized webpage, sign up for events, and track their application and enrollment process.
  3. Counselors - Recommend our Honors College to your high-achieving high school students. Visit the site to learn about the admissions requirements. (Honors College is not applicable to transfer students)
  4. Send official transcripts (and other documents) electronically through NC Wise whenever possible. This will help expedite the process of an admission decision.
  5. Encourage students to use our Application Checklist—via their admissions portal account—to check/track the status of their application.
  6. Visit the Transfer Students page. This Web site provides suggested courses for first and second year community college students who intend to transfer to East Carolina University.
  7. A great resource for students who have a major in mind is our Advising webpage. This webpage provides assistance with academic degree planning.
  8. Please advise your transferring students that preference in the admission process will be given to students who complete the A.A., A.S., or A.F.A. degree at a North Carolina Community College with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  9. Students eligible for SAT or ACT fee waiver can apply online and mail their waiver request after submitting their online application.
  10. Campus visits and open house events are some of the most valuable tools available to prospective students and their families. Please direct students to the Visit Campus page to register for Campus Tours and Open House events online and access more info to help plan their trip.

Important Contacts

Connect with Us and Stay Informed

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Your students can join us on Facebook to connect with us and their future classmates. Search Facebook for East Carolina and “like” the ECU Admissions Fan page. Your seniors are also encouraged to join the “East Carolina University Class of 2019” Facebook group. This group is hosted by ECU staff as a resource for prospective and accepted students to network and have fun! Follow us on Twitter and receive timely updates via @ECUAdmissions. Share with us on Instagram and use hashtags: #ECU, #ECUAdmissions, #ECU19 and follow “ecuadmissions”

Student Blogs and YouTube

Story telling is a great way for current East Carolina University students to share their experiences with prospective students who are planning to follow a similar path. Through our Student Blog and YouTube channel, your students will be able to learn about daily life on campus to see if ECU is a good fit for them.

Admissions Portal

This is our online inquiry system for prospective students. Please encourage your students to sign up to receive additional information about East Carolina University specific to their interests. With the help of an Admissions Portal account, your students will be able to apply for admission, register for events, and allow our office to remain in contact with them throughout their application and enrollment process.