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East Carolina University students have many stories to tell as they prepare for the world they'll inherit. We would like you to meet six ECU students who experience firsthand how Pirate Nation is committed to student success, regional transformation, global impact, public service, and more.

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Student Success

"I am confident in the experience I've gained at ECU, and I am ready for whatever comes next academically or professionally." – Madison is an applied geography major from Moyock, North Carolina

Offering over 85 undergraduate degree programs, we give our students a seemingly endless choice when it comes to academics. Additionally, ECU pairs the work going on in the classroom with co-curricular activities and an array of academic support programs. Learn more about academics at ECU.


Public Service

"Throughout my life, I've always believed that giving back was important. In my internship and through other outreach opportunities, I have been able to give back to the ECU community and to other Greenville residents." – Allison is a business marketing and music performance major from Wilmington, North Carolina

The motto of East Carolina is Servire, To Serve. From spending their summer interning at a camp designed to help autistic teenagers develop communication skills to designing sustainable 5-star resorts for the North Carolina wetlands, ECU students are gaining real-world experience all while making a difference in the community.


Innovative Discovery

"(My undergraduate research project) was very beneficial because it was a way I could get a sense of the research process, and I was able to develop valuable skills in coding and scientific writing." – Joel is an applied atmospheric sciences and mathematics major from Stephens City, Virginia

ECU encourages students to challenge themselves and their peers. Perhaps their discoveries and creative activity will include finding ways to derive energy from coastal waters without harming the environment or composing the next modern musical. At ECU, students are part of a community working toward a better tomorrow.

Regional Transformation

"The mission of ECU's dental school is to practice in underserved and rural areas of North Carolina, and as a future dentist, I see myself combining dentistry, public health, and research. I don't want to be just a dentist in the community, but I want to be a member of the community." – Jessica is a dental medicine (doctoral) student from Aberdeen, North Carolina

The past, present, and future of East Carolina are closely aligned with the region it calls home. Through partnership, leadership, and discovery, ECU strives to be a force from progress and growth.


Global Impact

"Studying abroad was a life-changing experience. Being immersed in the culture significantly improved my language skills." – Michael is a hispanic studies major from Apex, North Carolina

The university's impact is worldwide-from internationally renowned research by our faculty that improves lives to study abroad experiences that help prepare students for success in the global economy in which they'll work.

Looking Ahead

"Once I stepped onto this campus, I knew this place was for me." – Karsyn is a nutrition science major from Harrisburg, North Carolina

We encourage you to learn more about East Carolina, its values, programs, and people. Additionally, we invite you to come visit us this summer—there is nothing that compares to seeing for yourself what it feels like here at East Carolina University. 

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