Calculating Your ECU GPA:

Each semester at ECU (term) is listed including the semester’s academic standing and term GPA.

Overall GPA is calculated by dividing earned cumulative Quality Points and cumulative GPA hours as listed at the bottom of each semester on your transcript.

Semester GPA is calculated by dividing semester earned (current term) Quality Points by the semester (current term) GPA hours.

Quality Points are a value placed on each letter grade you earn. The quality point value is multiplied by the semester hours of the class which equals the total Quality Points earned for that class.

A=4, A-=3.7, B+=3.3 B=3, B-=2.7, C+=2.3 C=2, C-=1.7, D+=1.3 D=1, D-=.7 F=0

The Quality Points you have earned are listed on your academic transcript in Banner.



For step-by-step directions to calculate your own gpa, download this gpa worksheet.