Placement Tests

Placement tests ensure that you start your courses at the appropriate level. The Mathematics placement test will be administered during the New Student Orientation sessions. A minimum score of 14 is required to place into Math 1065 (College Algebra), which is required for many majors. Please read below to determine if you are required to take the placement test.


The Mathematics placement test focuses on linear algebra. You may bring a calculator to use on the test, however it must be a basic four function calculator.  Scientific and graphic calculators are not permitted. For sample test questions and information for review, visit the Math Department website. Students who score 540 or above on the mathematics portion of the SAT, or who score 400 or above on the SAT Level IIC achievement test in mathematics, are not required to take the mathematics placement test.

Distance Education Students who need Math 1065 (College Algebra) will need to take the placement test on the ECU campus, or make arrangements locally to do so. Contact your local community college to see if they have a testing center. If so, set up a date and time with one of their proctors to take our Math Placement test.  E-mail Gwen Hardin: the proctor's name, e-mail address, phone number, the name of the college, and the date and time you will be testing. She will send the Math Placement test to the proctor.

Foreign Language

If you studied a language in high school, you are encouraged to take the foreign language placement test.  All students must take placement test to enroll in German, Spanish, and French, even if you have no prior experience. The Spanish, French and German foreign language placement tests are administered online. Other languages maybe possible by special arrangements with that department. Students who place into 1002-1004 will, upon successful completion of that course, be given credit for lower-level courses. Please visit the Foreign Language website for more information.