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Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies (SERSAS)

Fall Meeting
12 - 13 October 2001
East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina

Where to Stay:

The conference hotel for SERSAS is the Ramada Plaza Hotel, 203 SW Greenville Blvd., Greenville, North Carolina 27834, (252) 355-8300. SERSAS room rates are $55.50 per night for singles, $60.50 for doubles. Room rates include a full breakfast buffet (hence the extra charge for doubles). Reservations must be made by September 28 to guarantee these rates. Identify yourself as a SERSAS member to receive this special rate. Twenty rooms have been reserved. The Ramada has a shuttle that travels between the hotel and Greenville's airport. Guests should call the hotel when they arrive, and also let the hotel know when they need to get back to the airport. Cost is $10 per trip.

Getting to Greenville, NC and East Carolina University:

Access the map and directions at Be sure to print out the directions to Greenville and ECU which appear below the map.

Once in Greenville and on campus, please refer to the ECU map at Bloxton House (Friday night's reception) and Mendenhall (Saturday's conference) are across a lawn from each other. Viewing the campus map, Mendenhall is the large building just above the largest building (the Student Recreation Center) at the bottom of the map. Bloxton House is the small, partially obscured building just to the left of Mendenhall.

Parking will be plentiful, free, and located to the right of Mendenhall on the campus map. Avoid parking in metered or handicapped spaces. Find Ken Wilburn as soon as you arrive to receive your parking permit. Should you receive a ticket in the meantime, give it to Ken Wilburn to resolve.

Area Dining in Greenville:

For a complete listing of restaurants in Greenville see

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First Online Edition: 29 August 2001
Last Revised: 6 September 2001