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Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies (SERSAS)

Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies (SERSAS)


SERSAS and Special Collections, Alderman Library of the University of Virginia have arranged to archive the papers of SERSAS. Hard copies of all correspondence and papers read at SERSAS conferences dating to 1973 are needed. Please view for a list of papers presented since 1973 and for Joe Miller's draft History of SERSAS.

Conference papers will also be placed online at before being archived at the University of Virginia. SERSAS is eager to make almost thirty years of Africanist scholarship available worldwide. Once the hard copies are in place, Alderman Library archivists will create a guide to the papers and link to the SERSAS web site,

SERSAS would like to thank Joe Miller and Michael Plunkett for arranging to archive the papers of SERSAS, and SERSAS Coordinator Aran MacKinnon for agreeing to sort the papers before they are forwarded to the University of Virginia.

Please send all SERSAS correspondence and papers to:

Dr. Aran S. MacKinnon
Department of History
State University of West Georgia
1600 Maple St.
Carrollton, GA, 30118, U.S.A.
Tel. (770) 836-4554

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