Alternative Break Experiences (ABE) at ECU

East Carolina University Alternative Break Experiences (ABE)  are learning opportunities that immerse ECU community members in diverse environments that address social, economic, political, environmental, spiritual, and cultural issues through the exchange of idea,  personal reflection, critical thinking, and applications of academic concepts beyond the classroom.  Alternative Break Experiences (ABE) challenge all participants to critically reflect upon their role and ability to make lasting social change in our local, regional, and global community.

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Spring 2015 Alternative Break - Campus Living 

Urban Poverty
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Dates:  Monday, March 10- Sunday, March 14, 2015
Cost: $125  (Trip receive supplemental assistance from Campus Living)

This trip is for residence hall students only.

Volunteers work in the Atlanta metro area to do service projects that benefit lower income areas. This trip affords students the opportunity to see firsthand the poverty in urban settings and the efforts that are being made to assist people in need. This group will complete a different service project each day to provide a better sense of what is needed in an urban setting.