Heidi M. Luchsinger

(PhD, Texas A&M University, 2006)
Office: 215 Flanagan Building
Telephone: (252) 328-9445
E-mail: luchsingerh@ecu.edu

About Me

Dr. Luchsinger is an archaeologist who specialized in geoarchaeology. Her research focuses on the prehistoric archaeology of northern Patagonia and the Pampas of Argentina and how paleoenvironmental change had an impact on the prehistoric inhabitants of this region. She recontructs the geological context of the archaeological record in order to determine how this context affects our understanding of past human behavior (e.g., are sites absent because an area was abandoned or are sites deeply buried and simply difficult to locate.) In addition to the numerous grants, fellowships, and scholarships she has received including a Fulbright fellowship and grants from the National Science Foundation and Geological Society of America, she was the 2006 Winner of the Society for American Archaeology's Douglas C Kellogg Award for her research in Northern Patagonia. Currently Dr. Luchsinger continues to work on publication of her research in Argentina including a new Middle Holocene site in the Pampas. Dr. Luchsinger is also the Faculty Advisor for the Anthropology Student Organization (ASO).

At East Carolina University, Dr. Luchsinger teaches:

  • Introduction to Anthropology
  • Global Understanding
  • Understanding Human Culture: Our Ticket for Survival in an Era of Globalization and Climate Change (Seminar for the Honors College, Spring 2011)
  • Around the World in 15 Weeks: An Investigation of Cultural Similarities Through Global Conversations with College Students in Africa, Asia, and Latin America (Seminar for the Honors College, Spring 2012)
  • Archaeology Around the World
  • Latin American Archaeology

Recent Publications

Prates, L., Luchsinger, H. M., Scabuzzo, C., & Mansegosa, D. (2011). Investigaciones Arqueologicas en el Sitio La Victoria 5 (Departamento de Pichi Mahuida, Rio Negro). Intersecciones en Antropologia, 12, 109-120.

Gutierrez, M., Martinez, G., Luchsinger, H. M. , Grill, S., Zucol, A., Gabriela S. Hassan, M. Paula Barros, Cristian A. Kaufmann, María C. Álvarez, (2010). Paleoenvironments in the Paso Otero locality during Late Pleistocene Holocene (Pampean region, Argentina): An interdisciplinary approach. Quaternary International.

Waters, M. R., Pevny, C. D. , Carlson, D. L. , Dickens, W. A. , Smallwood, A. M. , S. A. Minchak, E. Bartelink, J. M. Wiersema, J. E. Wiederhold, H. M. Luchsinger, D. A. Alexander, and T. A. Jennings, (2009). A Clovis Workshop in Central Texas: Archaeological Investigations of Excavation Area 8 at the Gault Site.

Luchsinger, H. M. & Prates, L. (2009). "Evolución del paisaje en el valle medio del río Negro e el impacto potencial en la preservación del registro arqueológico y patrones de ocupación: interpretaciones arqueológicas y geoarqueológicos preliminares (Landscape Change in the Middle Río Negro Val", In Press, In Politis, Gustavo (Ed.) Diez años de Arqueología Pampeana. Olavarria, Argentina: INCUAPA.

Luchsinger, H. M. (2008). Geoarchaeology. In Pearsall, Deborah M. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Archaeology, (pp. 1409-1414). New York: Academic Press.

Luchsinger, H. M. & Prates, L. (2007). Geological Context of the Archaeological Record from the Late Pleistocene through Holocene in the Middle Río Negro Valley, Argentina. Current Research in the Pleistocene, 24, 62-64.

Department News

On February 19th, the Department celebrated National Anthropology Day by hosting a public open house. Displays were presented in the labs, and mini-lectures and anthropology films were presented. 

The North Carolina Studies program hosted Dr. Christine Avenarius for her lecture "What sea-level rise? An ethnographic account of Dare, Tyrrell and Hyde County residents' observations about environmental change".

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 Linked by live video conferencing, Internet chat software and social media, ECU students were connected with their counterparts in different countries. Anthropology 1050: Global Understanding connected with Algerian students to discuss their cultures. Read the full article at http://www.ecu.edu/cs-admin/news/globalclassroom.cfm

New edited volume from the British Archaeological Reports: Excavations in the Western Negev Highlands by Dr. Benjamin Saidel and Dr. Mordechai Haiman (Israel Antiquities Authority).

Discovery is a core characteristic of pirates at ECU! See our Anthropology summer field school student, Mansi Trivedi, explain some of the discoveries in Jordan on the latest ECU Values video.

 On Tuesday January 27, Dr. Bailey and three other professors shared the ins and outs of writing and publishing. This panel of authors answered questions about why they chose to write books, how they select their publishers, and how they balance teaching, research, and writing: offering advice for would-be authors based on personal experience.