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Thank you so much for showing interest in becoming a member of the ECU Marching Pirates Colorguard. We are super excited about the upcoming fall season and look forward to seeing you in August! We have come up with some specific skills and needs we will ask of you at auditions.

What to wear?
Please come in clothes you can dance and move well in. Please also wear comfortable shoes because we will be on our feet a lot. We also ask that you bring a big water bottle or jug with you to stay hydrated.

What is expected? (The audition process)
First and foremost, bring a great attitude and willingness to learn. We will be evaluating you in movement and flag technique. The actual process will be broken down into the first two days we are together. During these first two days you will be asked to demonstrate but not limited to the following:

Movement Skills

  • Jazz Runs

  • Chasse`s

  • Saute`s

  • Passe`

  • Chaine` turns

  • Tour jete`s

  • Rolls

These are a few movement skills that will be demonstrated and taught over the audition.

Flag Basics

  • Drop Spins (left and right)

  • Pull Hits (left and right)

  • Tosses (45 degree tosses, ext.)

We will also help you with these skills if you are not familiar with them and give you a little time to understand them. You will also be expected to learn a dance combination and a flag combination to see how well you pick up choreography.

You will also have the opportunity to spin rifle. I realize that this may be a completely new adventure for some of you and we are excited about the possibilities this offers. If you can get your hands on a rifle before the audition and start practicing that would be amazing, but if not, we are willing to start fresh and see how much interest we have from you in August.

If you would like to bring your own pole to the audition that if completely fine with us, but if not we will provide one for you.

Thank you so much again for your interest and if you have any further questions at all, please feel free to email me at ecurtgirl@yahoo.com

Julie Hill
Colorguard Instructor



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