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If you are interested in auditioning for the 2014 ECU Marching Pirates Drumline, please fill out the Drumline Interest Form, and contact the band office by filling out the Preseason Camp Information Form.
The ECU Drumline is an exciting, high-energy group of individuals that love to WORK HARD, and have fun while doing so. The 2014 season for the ECU Marching Pirates Drumline proves to be the strongest group yet... if you want to be a part of this force, here's what you need to do!


There are several files located on the Music page. Prospective members should download and print these, and begin working. The "Technique Packet" is there for your own personal growth as a Percussionist, but you will not be required to have it memorized. However, individual sectional rehearsals during the season will have time dedicated to these etudes in order to enhance technique of each section.
The material required for the audition will be the BIG 4: "Murphy" - a legato stroke, double-beat exercise; "Hurkey & Tam" - a staccato stroke, Accent/Tap exercise; "Finger Pains" - a true dexterity workout, with some timing sprinkled on top; and "Jojo 2012" - a tasty two-minute paradiddle ramma jamma. The fight song "E.C. Victory" will also be used as an audition piece.
Audition Process
There are two sets of auditions: The ECU Marching Pirates Drumline "Day of Drumming," and the first couple days of Preseason Training Camp. There is quite a lot of material to be learned, so you will not be required to have all of the material memorized for "Day of Drumming"... but it will only help you! The material WILL be required to be memorized by the beginning of Preseason Training Camp.
If you have any other questions, feel free to email!
Nick Nichols
ECU Marching Pirates Drumline Instructor