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How do I enroll for the ECU Marching Pirates?
Enrollment is very simple. All you have to do is add MUSC 1705 to your class schedule when you register for Fall classes at Summer Orientation. Music majors register for MUSC 1706. Two hours of course credit is awarded for participation, and can be applied to Fine Arts or elective requirements in any degree plan.

Iím not a music major Ė can I participate in the ECU Marching Pirates?
Yes! As with most collegiate marching bands, non-music majors comprise the majority of our membership. In recent years our enrollment has included students from almost every degree plan and department on the ECU campus.

Iíve never marched or Iíve never marched corps-style. Can I still be in the ECU Marching Pirates?
Absolutely! We have new members every year who have never marched or have never marched corps-style. This is taught during band camp and usually everyone is able to pick it up very quickly.

Does it cost anything to participate in the ECU Marching Pirates?
In most cases, no. The Marching Pirates are fortunate to have most of their expenses, including travel, paid for by the university and athletic department. Members of the band are only required to purchase black marching shoes, at least 2 pairs of white marching gloves, flip charts and lyres, and their own meals during band camp. More information concerning the cost for each of these items will be posted online as soon as the 2010-2011 budget has been finalized in late spring/early summer.

Are scholarships available?
Yes! The ECU Marching Pirates awards scholarships to 4th year, leadership, and members select sections of the band. 

Is band camp required?
Yes. Only students who have successfully participated in band camp are permitted to be members of the ECU Marching Pirates.

Where do I stay during band camp?
ECU students who will be living on campus will be allowed to move into their residence halls during the first day of band camp.  Students living off campus will need to make their own arrangements for move-in at their respective residences.

Do I need my own instrument to be in the band?
While many students use their own instruments, we are fortunate to have just received 100 brand new top-shelf Yamaha wind instruments to check out to band members who either donít have an instrument or for those who own a non-professional one.

I have a class conflict Ė can I still participate?

Absolutely! If you have a class time conflict but want to participate in band, please contact Mr. Staub at staubw@ecu.edu and weíll work with your schedule so you can still participate in band. The amount of rehearsal missed per week is based on the number of years the member has been in the band.

Are there other athletic bands I can be in at ECU?
Yes! In addition to the ECU Marching Pirates, there is a scholarship pep band that performs at home menís and womenís basketball games. Auditions for this group will take place in late September.

Are there other instrumental ensembles I can be in at ECU?
Absolutely! In addition to the ECU Marching Pirates, there are three concert bands that meet in both fall and spring semesters. Two of these (the Symphonic Band and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble) are auditioned groups with auditions held a day or two before classes start each semester. The concert band is a non-auditioned group that also meets both semesters. All of these groups meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays both semester.

In addition to the marching band and concert bands, ECU has two jazz bands and a full orchestra. More information about ECU ensembles can be found at www.ecu.edu/cs-cfac/music/ensembles/index.cfm

For more information, please contact Mr. Staub, Associate Director of Bands and Director of the ECU Marching Pirates, at staubw@ecu.edu or 252-328-6982.


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