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    Have an old bike you're not using? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Pirate BikeShare program! We will accept anything, we're not picky! We'll even stop by and pick it up, saving you a trip. Interested individuals, please click here: Donate a Bike!

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    Parking & Transporation Services:   PH: 328-6294 |   305 E. 10th Street   Email: parking@ecu.edu

  • Hours

    Parking & Transportation Services:   Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm (cashiers)  &   7:30am - 5pm (lobby)

  • Register

    You can register for Pirate BikeShare and your personal bike at the Parking & Transportation office on 10th Street. You can also sign up for the Bike Rental Program at the Parking & Transportation office.

  • Location

    Bike Clinics are held through the months of March - November every Friday at the front of the Campus Rec Center. Bike Excursions are also taken around the Greenways. Check out the Event Calendar for more information!

  • Welcome Bike Lovers!

    ECU Parking & Transportation is proud to bring exciting bike programs and events just for you!


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Bike Permits

If you are riding a bike on campus, you will need to have it registered. No worries, though - IT'S FREE and EASY!

Registering your bike aids riders in the event the bike is stolen and recovered by ECU Police or our office. We would be able to return a registered bike to its owner. An uregistered bike would eventually become state property after a certain amount of time. Although we love having lots of bikes to add to our Pirate BikeShare program, we really want to make sure you are reunited with your bike in a situation like that.

Registration can be done at the Parking office on 10th Street, at the Adventure desk in the Campus Recreation Center, or online through your parking account in Pirate Port. *Please note the hours of each office's availability in order to register your bike. For all permits registered for in person, a small index card will be completed with your name, banner ID, address, phone number, bike make and serial number. The serial number is very important and must be included before a bike permit will be issued, so make sure you include that number! If ordering online through your parking account, you would simply order it just like you were ordering a vehicle parking permit. During the online process, you will have the option to select to have it mailed to you or to pick it up at our office on 10th Street. Unlike the vehicle parking permits, the bicycle permits are valid for the entire time you are at ECU, so you do not have to register your bike every year - unless you get a new bike. They are also free of charge.

Please also note that any bicycle that has been chained to anything other than a bike rack will be impounded. Other reasons bicycles are impounded include: vandalism, flat tires, and if it has been left unattended for several months. There will be a $20 impound fee to get a bike back from being impounded. The bike will not be returned until it's registered (if needed) and the impound fee has been paid. Payment can be made at the parking office on 10th Street during normal operating hours.

Free Gift!!

Until supplies last, when you sign up for a Pirate Bike you will receive a very cool FREE sports bag!!

The sports bag features drawstring shoulder straps for easy closure and a comfortable fit. It also has reflective strips to help with visibility!