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    Have an old bike you're not using? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Pirate BikeShare program! We will accept anything, we're not picky! We'll even stop by and pick it up, saving you a trip. Interested individuals, please click here: Donate a Bike!

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    Parking & Transporation Services:   PH: 328-6294 |   305 E. 10th Street   Email: parking@ecu.edu

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    Parking & Transportation Services:   Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm (cashiers)  &   7:30am - 5pm (lobby)

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    You can register for Pirate BikeShare and your personal bike at the Parking & Transportation office on 10th Street. You can also sign up for the Bike Rental Program at the Parking & Transportation office.

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    Bike Clinics are held through the months of March - November every Friday at the front of the Campus Rec Center. Bike Excursions are also taken around the Greenways. Check out the Event Calendar for more information!

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    ECU Parking & Transportation is proud to bring exciting bike programs and events just for you!


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Pirate BikeShare

East Carolina University Parking & Transportation Services is happy to offer Pirate BikeShare! This program has been going strong since August 2009, with improvements made to the program along the way. It was developed for faculty, staff and students to increase options for mobility around the ECU campus without the need to use an automobile.

Every semester, our office collects all the old, abandoned bicycles on campus. Most of these bikes are missing wheels, seats, chains, etc. We make several attempts to contact the owner. After a certain amount of time without luck in reaching the owner, the bike becomes property of the state. We then pay for the bicycles to be repaired, paint them the awesome ECU purple and gold, and enter them into the Pirate BikeShare program!

With the Pirate BikeShare program, interested individuals then come to the Parking & Transportation office at 305 E. 10th Street to complete a registration fee to lease the bike for the entire semester! At that time, the individual will pay a non-refundable either $30 administration fee for either the Fall or Spring semesters, $20 for the Summer, or $50 for the academic year. Once the bike is signed off on, it becomes the responsibility of the renter. At the end of the lease, the bike has to be returned to our office. As of October 2014, we have purchased 10 brand new bikes for our Pirate Bike program. The new bikes are shown below. As you can see, we have not painted them. The rental price for the new bikes is $40 for the semester and $60 for the academic year. We are proud to have these additions to our program and plan on purchasing more brand new bikes in the future!