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    Have an old bike you're not using? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Pirate BikeShare program! We will accept anything, we're not picky! We'll even stop by and pick it up, saving you a trip. Interested individuals, please click here: Donate a Bike!

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    Parking & Transporation Services:   PH: 328-6294 |   305 E. 10th Street   Email: parking@ecu.edu

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    Parking & Transportation Services:   Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm (cashiers)  &   7:30am - 5pm (lobby)

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    You can register for Pirate BikeShare and your personal bike at the Parking & Transportation office on 10th Street. You can also sign up for the Bike Rental Program at the Parking & Transportation office.

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    Bike Clinics are held through the months of March - November every Friday at the front of the Campus Rec Center. Bike Excursions are also taken around the Greenways. Check out the Event Calendar for more information!

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    ECU Parking & Transportation is proud to bring exciting bike programs and events just for you!

Bike Maintenance

Brakes: Noises can be a dead give-away. Squeals and scrapes are the most common noises which can be fixed. They squeal from pads hitting the rim flat. Toe in brake pads to stop noises. Scraping means you need to either sand the metal out of the pads or replace them. Brakes should be replaced when you get down to about 1/4" of pad left. Your brakes will hit sooner if you unscrew the barrel adjusters around the housing. You can shorten the reach with a screw that points toward the other brake lever. Inspect brake pads for wear or metal shards.

Chain Care: Regular chain maintenance of your chain doesn't have to be a lengthy or messy process. If you can see dirt on the outside of your chain you should wipe it down with a clean rag. If your chain squeaks or is excessively noisy, it needs lubrication. Don't put too much, though. If you can see it, then its too much. Wipe it down with a clean rag.

Tire Pressure: Tires naturally lose air over time. If you don't pump them up, they will go flat. Skinny tires need air almost daily, while fat tires tend to need air weekly. Use the largest tube that fits your tire, so that it will hold air longer and resist flats better. Check your tire pressure with a gauge before every ride.

General: Bearings should be cleaned and re-greased about yearly, more often if you ride in the rain. Grease crank bolts, but never grease the bottom bracket tapers as you might damage crankarms. Try not to lay the bike down on its derailleurs, because you could damage them. Remove dirt or lube related buildup with a rag and flathead screwdriver. Use sand paper to smooth out the inside of the seat tube to avoid scratching the seatpost. Grease to help keep water out of the frame tubes and to allow easy removal of the seatpost. Turn axle by hand to check hub status. If it feels loose and gritty, clean and re-grease. Riding on hubs with no grease can destroy bearings and races. Most parts on a bike do not need to be as tight as humanly possible, just snug. Grease on threads helps to overcome friction and allow proper fastening.