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    Have an old bike you're not using? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Pirate BikeShare program! We will accept anything, we're not picky! We'll even stop by and pick it up, saving you a trip. Interested individuals, please click here: Donate a Bike!

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    Parking & Transporation Services:   PH: 328-6294 |   305 E. 10th Street   Email: parking@ecu.edu

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    Parking & Transportation Services:   Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm (cashiers)  &   7:30am - 5pm (lobby)

  • Register

    You can register for Pirate BikeShare and your personal bike at the Parking & Transportation office on 10th Street. You can also sign up for the Bike Rental Program at the Parking & Transportation office.

  • Location

    Bike Clinics are held through the months of March - November every Friday at the front of the Campus Rec Center. Bike Excursions are also taken around the Greenways. Check out the Event Calendar for more information!

  • Welcome Bike Lovers!

    ECU Parking & Transportation is proud to bring exciting bike programs and events just for you!


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tips for beginners

  • Get your bike checked out - You don't want it to break down your first time out!
  • Get yourself checked out - If you haven't ridden in a long time, it might be wise to check in with your doctor to make sure you're fit to start.
  • Take it slow - So you'll still be able to walk again the next day!
  • Find a safe place to practice - It makes sense to regain your confidence on the bike in a secluded area versus lots of cars coming at you on a busy road.
  • Brush up on the biking rules of the road - You don't want to throw out the wrong hand signal or be riding on the wrong side of the road!
  • HAVE FUN! - Just relax, enjoy the ride and take in all of the nature's surrounding beauty.

greenway trails

Get Motivated!

Most people know the benefits of regular daily physical activity. But how do you make physical activity a habit that will stick? A start is to set reasonable goals, build gradually, and keep your activity fun! The following are some easy ways you can incorporate physical activity into your daily routine:

  • Bike one daily trip for which you'd normally drive the car. Instead of hopping on the bus to come to class or work, try biking instead. Make sure you check the weather first, though!
  • Get a cycling buddy or take a family ride after dinner.
  • Ride through your neighborhood and rate it's "bikeability".
  • Keep a daily activity log. Estimate the mileage you biked or the minutes you spend doing something active.
  • Encouragement is in numbers, so go on one of the bike excursions the Adventure Program offers.

Starting out can be difficult, so here are a few tips to help set and reach your goals:

  • Choose "internal" rather than "external goals - focus on things that matter to you, not to others.
  • Focus on an enjoyable process, not a specific outcome. If you enjoy doing it, you're more likely to continue to do it or look forward to it.
  • Have both short and long term goals - Short term goals help prevent disappointment, while long term goals keep you going after meeting the short term goals.
  • Tell others about your goal - This has a psychological effect. They're sure to ask how you're doing and thus help to keep you on track. They might even start biking with you!
  • Plan real rewards for meeting your goals - don't use food, either! Choose things of substance like new workout gear, a concert, or even a bicycling vacation.
  • Keep an exercise log or diary - It'll help you see your progress and keep your goal in mind.
  • Rent a bike from our bike rental program for the day, weekend or for the entire week and go on a Greenville Bike Excursion.

Greenville Bike Excursions

ECU Parking has partnered with the Adventure Program from Campus Recreation & Wellness in a continuing effort for a more bicycle friendly campus & community. For the adventure and nature-lover, make sure you check out the excursion event calendar by clicking the calendar icon at the top of this page or on the Adventure website (next to ours at the top of this page). Excursions include cruising the Greenville Greenway bike trails. Click on the map to your left for a better view of these trails, which were made possible by the City of Greenville, the Public Works Department, the Recreation and Parks Department, and the Friends of Greenville Greenways.