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  • Donate

    Have an old bike you're not using? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Pirate BikeShare program! We will accept anything, we're not picky! We'll even stop by and pick it up, saving you a trip. Interested individuals, please click here: Donate a Bike!

  • Contact

    Parking & Transporation Services:   PH: 328-6294 |   305 E. 10th Street   Email: parking@ecu.edu

    Adventure Program:
      Campus Rec Center |   PH: 328-1577   Email: adventure@ecu.edu

  • Hours

    Parking & Transportation Services:   Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm (cashiers)  &   7:30am - 5pm (lobby)

    Adventure Program:
      Semester and Summer Hours Vary,   So make sure to check their website
      for their most current hours

  • Register

    You can register for Pirate BikeShare and your personal bike at the Parking & Transportation office on 10th Street. You can register for the Bike Rental Program at the Adventure Rental Center in the Campus Rec Center (by the Climbing Wall).

  • Location

    Bike Clinics are held through the months of March - November every Friday at the front of the Campus Rec Center. Bike Excursions are also taken around the Greenways. Check out the Event Calendar for more information!

  • Welcome Bike Lovers!

    ECU Parking & Transportation and the Adventure program of Campus Recreation & Wellness have partnered to bring exciting bike programs and events just for you!

Bike Storage

Whatever storage system you choose, make sure its well balanced and remains secure when you add your bicycle. It should support the bike above the center of gravity and offer support at two points on the bike frame, not just one wheel. Some bikes have "quick release" wheels that could send it crashing to the floor. Your bike's wheel rims also might not be strong enough to hold the bike without bending and becoming damaged. It is best to keep it elevated to prevent problems such as flattened rubber tires and cracked sidewalls. Hanging the bike can save you space and extend the tire life. If you can't hang it, then be sure to check the tires regularly to keep them properly inflated. Make sure that you can also easily get it off the storage rack. If it's too hard, you probably won't use it as much.

It's best to store your bike indoors when possible. Metal-framed bikes that are left in unheated garages can get so cold that rust may form when condensation builds up inside the tubing. Keeping the bike out of direct sunlight is also advisable. The sun's rays can dry and split the side walls of the tires. Tires will also deflate over the winter, so it's best to inflate the tires before storing the bike.