East Carolina University

Scenarios for Course Copies and Course Collapses

It's Easy!

Why should you consider copying your own content, collapsing your own sections or collapsing sections and copying your content?

  • Control. You decide what content and settings are copied into your new Bb shell.
  • Speed.  You don’t have to wait for any of these processes to take place after submitting a request. You can do them yourself.
  • Accuracy. You can always go back and re-copy content or copy items you missed (e.g., quizzes). The chance of copying to/from an incorrect course is greatly reduced because you will choose courses, rather than type a potentially incorrect course ID in a field.

Scenario 1: Content copy – Copy course content from a past course into a present course. CLICK HERE

Scenario 2: Collapse course sections Collapse blackboard course sections only. CLICK HERE

Scenario 3 Collapse course sections & copy course content.  CLICK HERE

Because of the ease and speed of doing your own copy and collapse, we encourage you to initiate your own course copy and collapse processes.  However, if you do not feel comfortable with the overall process, please click HERE to access the past course content copy and collapse request website.  Please allow 36-48 hours for those requests to be processed.

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