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Blackboard Course Modification Request

Blackboard Course Modification Request

If you just need content copied from one site to another you can now do this yourself (if you want). This will save you time and give you more control over what gets copied into the new course site. This option is a great replacement for OPTION 2 requests that you have traditionally sent through this site.

*** Click HERE for instructions ***


Course Modification Options

Option 1: Collapse Multiple Sections

You would like multiple sections collapsed (merged) and you don’t want any content rolled over.

[Example: sections 001/002/003 collapse, but no content added]

Option 2: Copy/Roll Over Prior Content into Current Course Site

You can now do this yourself. CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS.

[Example: content from Spring 2010 copied/rolled over to the Fall 2011 course]

Option 3: Collapse Multiple Sections & Rollover Content

You would like to have multiple sections collapsed and you would like to have content copied.

[Example, sections 001/002/003/004 collapsed and the content from Spring 2010 copied/rolled over to your Fall 2011 course site]

NOTE: If you are using a Blackboard course cartridge contact Blackboard Support.