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Blackboard Course Modification Request . . . Option 1

Blackboard Course Modification Request

Option 1: Collapsing Multiple Blackboard Sections

If you are teaching more than one Blackboard section and you would like those enrollments combined into one Blackboard course site, please fill in the fields listed below (* required information).


What are My Course IDs?
Log into Blackboard > Click the My Courses tab at the top of the page > Look for the current semester's courses > Copy the course IDs into the Course ID field below. The Course ID will look something like READ5316602201180, as an example.

The image below illustrates two places you can find your Course ID. (To decipher a Course ID: READ5316 = course, 602 = section, 2011 = year, 80 = fall semester.)

screenshot course ID


User Information
First Name *
Last Name *
ECU Email Address *
Office Phone *
Course Information

Course ID List *

Example: ENGL1250001201180

Please submit only 4 courses at a time. (Add a space after each course ID entry.) You can submit more than one form; just make a note in the Additional Info box below that you are submitting multiple forms that are part of the same request.

As a rule, we will always collapse into the lower section. For example, sections 002 and 003 would be collapsed into 001.


Additional Info: