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Scenarios for Course Copies and Course Collapses


Why is it recommended that I do my own course copy?

Answer: You are in control. You have options and selections for what content to copy. The time frame is also shorter; the copy is done immediately, rather than being on the course copy waiting list for Blackboard Support.


Does it take long to do my own course copy?

Answer: No, it takes less than 1-2 minutes to choose the courses, and choose the content to copy.


How long before I see the content in my new course?

Answer: Approximately 15 minutes, depending on the volume of content in the past course.


What if I want to start over because I copied from the wrong course or I don’t like what I see?

Answer: Simply delete all of the content from your new course and repeat the course copy process.  In your new course go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Bulk Delete.  This will give you a clean, new shell.


Should I repeat the copy process if I do not see my content after 15 minutes?

Answer: No, give it more time. If multiple users are doing course copies (e.g., the beginning of the semester), the copy process might take longer. You will have double the content if you repeat the process.


Scenario 1: Content copy – Copy course content from a past course into a present course.

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Copy Course Content PDF

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Because of the ease and speed of doing your own copy and collapse, we encourage you to initiate your own course copy and collapse processes.  However, if you do not feel comfortable with the overall process, please click HERE to access the past course content copy and collapse request website.  Please allow 36-48 hours for those requests to be processed.

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