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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I make an appointment?
  • To make an appointment, call the Office of Student Development & Academic Counseling weekdays during regular business hours, between 8am - 5pm at 744-2500, e-mail us at or come to our office located in Brody 4N-51.
What is the process for receiving a referral for Carolina Centre, ECU Psychiatry, ECU Center for Counseling, etc.?
  • Through the Office of Student Development & Academic Counseling referrals can be provided to Carolina Centre, ECU Psychiatry, ECU Center for Counseling & Student Development, the ECU Student Health Services Center or another provider of your choice. If you would like a referral please come to Brody 4N-51, e-mail us at , or call us at 744-2500.
  • Services provided by Carolina Centre and ECU Psychiatry are at no cost to Brody medical students. Conversations with the Office of Student Development & Academic Counseling are held in strictest confidence except for situations involving suspected abuse, harm to self or others, when court ordered, and when a student gives written permission for information to be released.
  • For medical students who desire personal counseling, psychological assessment, psychoeducational assessment, psychiatric care with Carolina Centre or ECU Psychiatry, they can contact the provider directly or call us for assistance.  Please identify yourself as a Brody student since we cover the cost. Your visit is confidential and your name will never be on the bill.
Brody 4N-51 Lending Library
  • Books include recent edition study guides, USMLE review, test preparation and medical related topics.
  • Sign out books for up to 2 weeks at a time. This time limit allows multiple students to use the limited books available.
  • Hours: M-F, 8a - 5p.
Medical Students Lending Library
  • Located in the 2nd floor Student Lounge in Brody.
  • Hundreds of books are available.
  • Books can be borrowed through a computer assisted system for 2 weeks.
  • We use the honor system. Return books to the 2nd floor Lending Library.
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