Welcome to the Office of Diversity Affairs

Dr. Kendall M. Campbell, MD, FAAFP

Welcome to the Office of Diversity Affairs at the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine. Our office was established to support the mission of the school of medicine by helping create diverse working and learning environments for our students, residents, administration, faculty and staff. Literature has shown that diversity is necessary for the delivery of high quality education and among health care professionals, improves access to care for underserved populations. Diversity in the research workforce accelerates advances and brings a variety of thoughts and ideas to stimulate exploration and discovery. Our clinical efforts are strengthened as diversity among managers of healthcare is reported to be good business sense and gives us the opportunity to be more inclusive and comprehensive in the care we provide patients and communities.

The three aims of the Office of Diversity Affairs are research, programming and support; all three working in concert to enhance diversity and inclusion for our school of medicine. Building on investigation as the foundation for our work, programming evolves from research that focuses specifically on diversity related issues. Studies are headed by the Research Group for Underrepresented Minorities in Academic medicine, an interprofessional group of colleagues dedicated to help us answer some of our most complex and persisting challenges around diversity. Our office is dedicated to discovering new knowledge and communicating that knowledge to the Brody family as well as to the nation.

Diversity and inclusion are important to us here at Brody. We strive to recruit, foster success, support and encourage faculty, residents, administration, staff and students who represent diversity in such areas as gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and other protected classes recognized by East Carolina University. We invite you to explore diversity at the Brody School of Medicine. You will find a team committed to a thriving environment of learning and productivity.


Kendall M. Campbell, MD
Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
Director, Research Group for Underrepresented Minorities in Academic Medicine

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