Welcome to University Studies Program!

University Studies allows students to use their creativity and a personal touch to reach their academic and career goals! Today's students, regardless of their age or background, often seek learning opportunities that are more student-centered and career-focused. University Studies allows students to design their own programs and tailor their education to their specific needs and careers. An individualized program of study with the inherit flexibility to apply previously earned credits, the program offers specific advantages to students with a higher number of completed credit hours, to include students who have changed majors multiple times, transfer students, adult learners who left college without a degree, and military personnel, veterans, and their dependents.


We support the university's commitment to help students achieve full academic potential and success by providing students with a unique, individualize path to a meaningful degree.Using University Studies, students can forge a non-traditional academic path to any traditional career! 


I encourage prospective students to visit University Studies and for our growing number of alumni to keep in touch and share your successes with us.

Rondall R. Rice, Director