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About University Studies, BSUS  is a degree program tailored for students who want to pursue a degree addressing their specific interests, but not available among current ECU degrees or majors. About The Bachelor of Science in University Studies Degree


  • Career Driven, individualized degree program designed around a Thematic Core.
  • Purposeful, specific, and academically rigorous:each program created by matching classes across campus to create a theme is purposeful, specific, and academically rigorous.
  • Unique interdisciplinary theme: each class of the Thematic Core compliments future goal and together presents a strong, unique interdisciplinary theme.

Fall 2014 Cohort
Fall 2014 Cohort small



Requirements to Declare BSUS

  • 2.0 Overall GPA
  • 30 Semester hours of coursework             
  • Written Proposal



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