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Former BSUS Student Testimonials


Amy Lee ’15, graduated from the University Studies program with a thematic core in "Rural Child and Family Outreach Services," and a minor in Child Development and Family Relations.  Amy is currently completing her Master’s in Human Development and Family Science at East Carolina University, while simultaneously pursing her dream to develop a nonprofit organization.  “Before joining the University Studies program, I had reached my max timeframe for completing my degree.  By switching to this program, I was still able to graduate and create a curriculum that was tailored to my career goals.  Being able to tailor an integrated learning path towards my career goals was a life changing opportunity.  The diversity in the program among students’ interest helped to build networks.  Being able to choose between and internship and a capstone research project was beneficial to my work and school schedule. Above all, the staff was supportive and provided insight that aided my success.  I would recommend the BSUS program to anyone who is looking for a unique learning experience, or has had difficulty finding what program speaks to their future endeavors.  In this program, you have the opportunity to discover who you are and your purpose in life.”


Jennifer Hyler ’15, graduated from the University Studies program with a thematic core in "Early Childhood Development Administration," and a minor in Child Development and Family Relations.  Jennifer is also a military wife. “I began my degree with ECU in July 2010. I was gaining my degree in Bachelors of Science for Early Childhood Education. I was 5 classes away from finishing the degree when we got the phone call that we were moving overseas. I was then told I could not finish my degree overseas due to the student teaching requirements. I was pretty heartbroken because I was almost done.  However, I still decided to be in contact with my academic advisor Susanna Berry. Mrs. Berry was always willing to e-mail me back and kept me in the loop of any degree I could cross into without losing credits.  I began looking at other universities, just to see if they had the same degree and if I would lose credits by joining them instead of ECU.  This became a headache because no one wanted to use all my credits and most of the universities wanted me to keep going for at least another year of college.  They were able to have me do my student teaching here at Spangdahlem, but with more classes and more money. After many emails back and forth, I received an e-mail from Mrs. Berry describing a program that was new to ECU, and that I should contact Stephanie Bailey.  I am so very grateful for the opportunity I received with ECU with the University Studies Program. I was able to complete my degree without issues, and now work in a facility within the administration department. I am able to work hand in hand with the children and their families in my department. I liked the program in the fact that I was able to obtain my degree, but also that I was able to take leadership classes which has helped me so much when working hand in hand with caregivers and parents. Leadership skills are essential in working within the administration department in this career field. I feel like the benefits for this program are the fact that it is offered totally online; that was essential for me, and that I was able to obtain it with using all the credits I had already achieved with ECU. I would highly recommend the University Studies program to all my military friends who travel around the world. We never know where the military will send us and having the program totally online is a complete success.”


Breone Canty ’15, graduated from the University Studies program with a thematic core in "Family Advocacy and Wellness," and a minor in Child Development and Family Relations. Like many other University Studies students, Breone was presented with a unique situation. “By being a part of the United States Army National Guard, I hold an obligation to not only my country, but my state as well.  If I had to define how University Studies was beneficial to me in one work it would be ‘flexible.’  Unlike the traditional majors, in University Studies you are able to develop a program that suits your life.  My situation before I changed my major to University Studies was ok, but I wanted more.  I did not see myself as a good fit for the traditional major that I was in. When I came to University Studies, the staff showed me that through University Studies I had a plethora of opportunities after I finished my degree. Instead of telling me what I needed to do my advisor asked me what I wanted to do with my life.  My advisor took the time to talk to me about my goals in life, and we were able to come up with a plan of action for my education. I became very motivated.  Being that I was able to create a plan structured specifically for me and not 5,000 other people made me excited about school again. I would recommend the University Studies program to others. The University Studies major creates an environment where students feel the need to encourage one another towards their goals”



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Jequetta Thomas

Jequetta Thomas is a senior at East Carolina University majoring in University Studies with a thematic core in Women’s Healthcare Advocacy.

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