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Introduction to University Studies | UNIV 2000

University Studies 2000 (UNIV 2000) is designed to orient students to the University Studies degree program, initiate the student's career planning efforts, and facilitate the approval of each student's thematic core curriculum plan. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe personal career interests and determine a thematic core related to identified interests
  • develop a written proposal of their thematic core curriculum plan
  • describe the objectives of their thematic core curriculum plan through formal presentation
  • use research tools and university resources
  • understand effective skills to translate their unique degree into a competitive job market

Course Design:

This course is presented through lecture, discussion, and assignments. The University Studies Program is designed for each student to develop a degree plan that meets personal needs and interests. UNIV 2000 will enable students to develop a successful degree plan and thematic core, identify courses and extracurricular experiences to achieve your degree program goals, and position students to be competitive for job placement. Additionally, UNIV 2000 will orient students to their University Studies cohort and build community relationships with classmates.


Thematic Core title examples:

  • "Medical Services Facilitation"
  • "Child Development through Interrelated Arts"
  • "Scientific Writing"
  • "Women's Integrated Aesthetic Studies"
  • "Digital Storytelling as Advocacy"
  • "Vintage Apparel and Entrepreneurship"

Internships and Degrees leading to jobs

  • Adaptive Technology - Technocom (Charlotte)
  • Online Design company launched "Durrett Designs"



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University Studies Program Partnership with Fayetteville Technical Community College

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BSUS Student Profile Jequetta Thomas small

Jequetta Thomas

Jequetta Thomas is a senior at East Carolina University majoring in University Studies with a thematic core in Women’s Healthcare Advocacy.

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