Completely FLEXIBLE
Because we offer students the flexibility to choose what classes and what course load works best for them, students may take a semester or more away from the program as needed. There is no academic penalty and no worry that you'll miss a class that is only offered in a certain term. All required classes are offered each spring and fall semester. A simple readmission application allows you to return to the program when you are ready.


Completely ONLINE
The ECU MBA program can be completed entirely online and has been available as an online-only program for over a decade. Students are welcome to visit campus or take a campus class if they so choose, however, there is no campus requirement. Customize your MBA experience and tailor to your needs, knowing that all students get the same quality education taught by the same instructors. In a world with increasing "diploma mills", rest assured that an MBA from ECU can fit your hectic life, set yourself apart, and accelerate your career.