The College of Business established the first School of Entrepreneurship in the region in 2015,
made possible by a generous commitment of $5 million by a Raleigh area entrepreneur, J. Fielding Miller, and his wife, Kim Grice Miller.

The Miller School of Entrepreneurship serves as a regional hub for preparing students to take an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset into their communities.

In addition to its unique entrepreneurship curriculum, the School links with key strategic partners to offer co-curricular programs that help serve as a catalyst for regional transformation.

Fielding and Kim Miller
Graduation Speakers Announced
School and department prepare for graduation.


College Professors Recognized
College professors make editorial moves in leading journals.


A Busy Fall Close for the Miller School
Another day, another busy fall for the Miller School.


Maddens Recognized
Drs. Laura and Timothy Madden were recenlty awarded for their volunteer work.


MBA Student Wins International Award
MBA student wins prestigious ECU award.


COB Alumnus Named CEO
Snyder to lead Compass Education!


Find the Next Entrepreneur!
Play a key role in the first round of the inaugural Pirate Entrepreneurship Challenge, which is only one week away!


To view expanded course description, visit the undergraduate catalog.

MGMT 3202
Fundamentals of Management

MGMT 3203
Organizational Management

MGMT 3302
Management of Organizations

MGMT 3352
International Business

MGMT 3500
Entrepreneurship Essentials

MGMT 4001, 4002, 4003
Special Issues and Topics

MGMT 4242
Organizational Behavior

MGMT 4252

MGMT 4262
Small Business Management

MGMT 4272
Managing the Family Business

MGMT 4342
Organizational Change and Development

MGMT 4343
Organizational Leaders and Leadership

MGMT 4352
Management in a Global Economy

MGMT 4402
Human Resource Management

MGMT 4422
Labor Relations

MGMT 4472
Compensations Management

MGMT 4482
Managerial Negotiation

MGMT 4492
Personnel Decision Making

MGMT 4500
Entrepreneurial Business Planning

MGMT 4842
Strategic Management

MGMT 4952
Topics in Management

MGMT 4992

The emerging high-technology and service industries have created a demand for entrepreneurs who can provide dynamic leadership in creating new enterprises. Equally important is the need for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to enter older, more mature industries. If you intend to enter a family business, work in the small business sector, start your own business, or buy an existing business, you should consider a concentration in entrepreneurship and small business management.

Course Requirements (18 sh)

Required Courses (9 sh)

MGMT 4242
Organizational Behavior OR PSYC 3241

MGMT 4252
Entrepreneurship (WI)

MGMT 4262
Small Business Management (WI) (SL*)

Elective Courses (9 sh)

Select three from:

FINA 3824
Financial Analysis and Planning

MGMT 4272
Managing the Family Business (WI*)

MGMT 4352
Management in a Global Economy

MGMT 4402
Human Resource Management

MGMT 4482
Managerial Negotiation

MKTG 4362
Retail Management

MKTG 4662 (WI)
Marketing Research

MKTG 4732
Consumer Behavior

MKTG 4752
Advertising and Promotion Management

OMGT 4743
Logistics & Materials Management

Admitted students should use DegreeWorks to determine which classes they should take.

Prospective students may view an online checksheet.

The multidisciplinary entrepreneurship certificate is designed for non-business majors and appealing to anyone who may either operate their own for-profit or nonprofit business now or in the future. It is also helpful to those who will have careers working in small/medium sized firms or in related fields.

FINA 3500
Money Management for Entrepreneurs

MGMT 3500
Entrepreneurship Essentials

MGMT 4500
Entrepreneurial Business Planning

MKTG 3500
Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Marketing


Society of Entrepreneurial Advancement (SEA)

SEA is an organization that is open to all majors throughout the university as well as faculty and staff.

ECU Website

Additional Information

Faculty Advisor
David Mayo

Dr. Michael Harris

Executive Assistant
Vickie Glover-Gurganus

Assistant Professor
Dennis Barber

Teaching Instructors
David Mayo 

Corey Pulido