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The purpose of the Student Leadership Board is to enhance the culture of the College of Business and our community, by creating an atmosphere that fosters and promotes the growth of servant leaders. We aim to cultivate values such as passion, confidence, integrity, and self-awareness, and we are open to all majors.

We fulfill this mission by holding bi-weekly workshops that cover topics such as leadership, goal setting, identifying your passions, and more. In addition to our workshops, we are committed to passionate and meaningful service to our university and community through our monthly volunteer efforts.

Becoming a part of the Student Leadership Board family will provide you with invaluable networking, unique service opportunities, and exceptional leadership development that you cannot find anywhere else in the College of Business.

So what are you waiting for? Decide today to become a better leader!


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Officers (pictured above)

President - Christian Hill

Vice President - Colleen Todd

Secretary - Sebastian Kressley

Treasurer - Sumeet Agarwal

Director of Social Marketing - Bryce Volkay

Director of Professional Development -
Terrington Myles

Committee Heads

Fundraising Chair - Caroline Hardison

Volunteer/Service Chair - Corsica Nambiar


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Lee Grubb, Associate Professor
Department of Management