Effective Date:09/29/2008

Policy Statement 1: Chart of Accounts

Account Numbering System

The object of this material is to provide an explanation of the account numbering system of East Carolina University. The statement is arranged to facilitate reference and provide a broad explanation of the format and content of the University’s Chart of Accounts.


Account Coding

The account coding system:


The accounting numbering system used by Banner Finance will capture financial transactions and facilitate retrieval of information and financial reporting. The chart of accounts structure is composed of six elements Fund-Organization-Account-Program-Activity-Location (FOAPAL) Standard meaning is assigned to each number within the elements of the FOAPAL. The accounting numbering system appears on financial reports and documents including Budget and Expenditure financial reports, and are used on payroll forms, personnel actions, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, budget transfers, and other documents of a financial or budgetary nature affecting the University accounting system


To maintain standard coding of information each funding source (State, Special Fund, Foundations, Grants, ECU Physicians) creates and updates the new FUND numbers as needed. Organization numbers are created and updated by the Budget Office. Program numbers and Account numbers are maintained by the Office of Financial Reporting for State Funds. Activity codes are created and updated by Systems Coordination and Fixed Assets creates and updates Location.



Information and assistance in the coding of accounting transactions can be obtained by contacting the accounting office which maintains the FOAPAL element.

Account Number Format

Each FOAPAL contains the Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, and Location




The FUND is a six character code that identifies a self-balancing set of accounts and identifies ownership. The FUND is attached to the cash. The five funding sources include State, Special Funds, Foundations, Grants, and ECU Physicians.


The ORGANIZATION is a six character code that identifies a budgetary unit and/or department. The organization houses information regarding revenues,expenses and budgets. Security access is based on organizations.


The ACCOUNT is a five character code that identifies assets, liabilities, revenues, labor, benefits, expenditures, transfers, etc.


The PROGRAM is a four character code that identifies a function and enables the institution to establish a method of classifying transactions. State FUNDS and ECP FUNDS program code is always 0000.


The ACTIVITY is a six character codes that is optional and is a non-hierarchical and can be used to further define expenses. Activity codes are often used to account for tracking special events or physician activities.


The LOCATION is a six character code that is used only by the Fixed Assets Module and further defines a location.