Effective Date: 07/16/03

Policy Statement 9: Services for Outside Organizations


The following statements outlines the policy for East Carolina University, its colleges, departments, organizations, and Foundations regarding the use of Foundation and University resources for outside organizations.


Outside Organizations: For purposes of this policy, outside organizations are defined as organizations that have not been established for the direct and unique benefit of East Carolina University and its affiliated Foundations.

Purchases of Goods and Services from Outside Organizations

Standard purchasing procedures will be used as with any vendors which includes the outside organizations referenced in this policy statement. Questions about this need to be directed to Materials Management at (252) 328-6434.

Providing Goods and Services to Outside Organizations

Any significant commitment of goods or services provided to outside organizations must be supported by a contract or agreement with the outside organization, which must be signed by an official of the outside organization and approved by the department head. The original contract or agreement then needs to be sent to Financial Services for review. Any billing activities need to be approved and or performed by Financial Services. For questions, contact Financial Services at 328-6757

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