Accounts Payable

Effective Date: 02/09/06
Updated: 09/02/2008

Policy Statement 1: Summary of Payment Forms

The Accounts Payable office makes payment in response to the following documents:

Direct Payment Forms

Direct Payment Forms
The Direct Payment Form can be used to pay approved expenditures which do not require a university purchase order and when the ProCard is not accepted by the vendor. If you do not have a ProCard, you must contact Materials Management to get one. This form can be submitted directly to Accounts Payable after proper approvals. It is imperative that order forms be filled out completely. Vendor (Banner) numbers must also be included on the form. Please request a vendor (Banner) number from Materials Management if there is not one in the system. The following expenditures are approved for this form:

  1. Memberships and organizational dues
  2. Utility bills
  3. Athletic Payments
  4. Foundation Payments
  5. Subscriptions
  6. Registrations - must have date of meeting and completed registration form
  7. Publications, reprints, books, and educational DVD's
  8. Interlibrary loans
  9. Accreditation fees
  10. Postage - no backup needed
  11. Federal Express charges
  12. Food services
  13. Refunds for application fees
  14. Restaurant charges - must include business purpose, agenda, attendees list, and itemized receipt
  15. Participant payments or teach workshop payments
  16. Tort claimis and depositions
  17. Insurance premiums
  18. Cash awards for students
  19. Petty cash requests
  20. Hotel bills - for state funds, may only pay in-state rate plus any required taxes for faculty candidate
  21. Airline tickets - for special purchase tickets from travel agencies not on standing orders
  22. Advertising - must include tear sheets
  23. On-line charges
  24. Certifications and examination fees
  25. Employee reimbursements – reimbursements of $300 or more must be sent to Materials Management for approvals before submitting to Accounts Payable. This does not apply to Foundation funds.

    Itemized original receipts (no copies) are required for all reimbursement requests.

    You must submit a PORT direct payment for expenditures not included on this list.