Accounts Payable

Effective Date: 07/01/00 Revised: 9/21/06

Policy Statement 2: Distribution of Checks


Checks Are Sent the Day after Issue
Checks are released by Accounts Payable the next business day after the checks are written. The University writes a large volume of checks and the method currently used to protect us from check fraud is The Positive Pay System with the NC State Treasurer’s office. Our process collects check information overnight and is transferred to Raleigh the next business day.

Special Instructions

Checks will be mailed to the payee at the address indicated on the requesting document. For employee reimbursement, campus location is preferred. Checks will not be returned to requesting departments for mailing or delivery, except for selected types of payments, such as performers, advances, insurance premiums, FedEx, and Athletic Officials. Please indicate instructions by completing a check disposition slip for selected types of payments.