Accounts Payable

Effective Date: 07/01/00
Updated 11/01/07

Procedure Statement 2: Leases, Rentals and Service Agreements

Monthly Fixed Payments

The Accounts Payable Office will pay monthly invoices for leases, rentals and service agreements upon approval of those standing orders set forth by the Materials Management Department. Payments of such charges will be made until such time as the standing order expires or notification is received from the Materials Management Department to discontinue payment. The Accounts Payable Office will forward a copy of the invoice as support for the charge to the department.

I. Recurring Lease/Rental Payment System-The Accounts Payable Office maintains an access database for Lease/Rental payment. This system is referred to the Auto Pay System. Policy and Procedures as follows:

Policy and Procedures
Effective November 1, 2007