Budget and Cost Analysis

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Procedure Statement 2: Requesting Budget Revisions

Procedure Description

Department heads should review their monthly Budget and Expenditure Reports and submit a Request for Budget Revision where needed. These revisions should be made as soon as possible where needed, so that budget reports will at all times reflect a realistic budget for the current fiscal period.

The University Budget Office will initiate budget revisions to cover, or will be responsible for, overdrafts involving these object codes which relate primarily to employee fringe benefits and employee supplemental payments.

The following areas should be given particular attention in departmental reviews and request for revisions:


Procedure Steps

  1. Deans, department heads, and directors should submit all request for budget revisions through their respective Vice Chancellor for his/her approval or disapproval.

  2. Each request for a budget revision must be accompanied with a justification to support the changes.

  3. The Vice Chancellor must review the request and make any necessary changes, sign the request to indicate approval and forward them to the University Budget Office.

  4. The University Budget Office will review the requests and notify the Vice Chancellor if any changes are necessary. The requests will then be implemented.