Budget and Cost Analysis

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Procedure Statement 3: Control of Holiday Premium Pay

Department Head

Each department head is responsible for exercising adequate supervision to ensure that permanent staff employees comply with established work schedules and are not scheduled to work on designated University holidays except where an emergency exists and/or the nature of the work is such as to justify the additional cost.

Budget Approval

It is also the responsibility of the department head to see that employees are not scheduled to work on designated holidays except where budgetary approval has been cleared through administrative channels. University Budget Office approval must also be obtained for allocation of funds to pay the Holiday Premium Pay.


When unexpected emergency work situations occur which require employees to work on a designated holiday, the department head should schedule only the necessary amount of work time on the holiday after obtaining the approval of the Vice Chancellor, dean or department head. Subsequently, the department head must provide the University Budget Office the necessary data to assure that funds are allocated to cover the resulting Holiday Premium Pay.

Request Form

Adequate justification and need for holiday work should be provided along with the person scheduled for holiday work, as well as the number of hours scheduled, and holiday premium pay required.