Budget and Cost Analysis

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Procedure Statement 5: Control of Overtime Work and Pay

Limit Overtime

Overtime work for covered employees must be authorized only as necessary and must be approved by the Vice Chancellor, dean or department head. Adequate scheduling and program planning is necessary in order to minimize scheduling of covered employees for overtime work.

See University Personnel Section

The State Wage-Hour Policy is the basis for the East Carolina University policy with reference to overtime work and pay for covered employees. The University policy on overtime work and pay is contained in the East Carolina University Human Resources Section - Wage-Hour Policy.

Department Head Responsible

Each department head is responsible for exercising adequate supervision to ensure that covered employees comply with established work schedules. The department head is responsible for controlling starting and stopping times and all work time, whether within or outside regular work schedule. However, if any covered employee is allowed to work whereby he is entitled to be paid for overtime, it is the responsibility of the department head to see that the employee is paid for the overtime earned, and that the other provisions of the Wage-Hour Policy are complied with.

University Standard Workweek & Overtime

The University standard workweek for all covered employees consists of the first forty hours each employee works. (Any worktime after the end of the fortieth hour is "overtime." All overtime must be paid at the rate of one and one half times the salary payable to the employee had the work been performed as part of the standard workweek, plus time and a half for any premium pay due for the forty-first and subsequent worked hours.) All payments relating to time worked in excess of forty hours including base salary, premium pay and the additional one-half of each, must be charged to East Carolina University object codes 1120 and 1220, Salaries-Overtime. Premium pay relating to overtime hours is not charged to the normal premium pay detailed expenditure object codes.

Budget Approvals

The department head or other designated representative must obtain budgetary approval through administrative channels, from his dean or other appropriate divisional administrative officer, and must obtain University Budget Office approval for funds, prior to scheduling overtime work, except in cases of absolute emergencies. The need to schedule overtime work must be anticipated as far in advance as possible to allow time for the administrative approvals to be processed.

Budgets to cover overtime pay must be established under Budget Control Level object codes 1120, EPA Non-Teaching Overtime and 1220, SPA Overtime.

Budget in Case of Emergency

In the case of emergency overtime work, the department head should justify the need to the dean or other appropriate divisional administrative officer, and must see that funds are allocated to cover the proposed overtime to be worked.