Budget and Cost Analysis

Effective Date: 07/01/95 Revised: 03/04/09

Introduction Statement 2: Organizational Reponsibilities

Budget and Cost Analysis

The University Budget Office reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services, and is responsible for maintaining the budgetary records for all University state funds, and for the preparation of various financial reports and cost analyses. These reports may be prepared on a one-time or a recurring basis.

University Budget Officer

The Director of University Budgets and Assistants are responsible for maintaining all budgets involving:

Reports and Cost Analysis Section

The reports and Cost Analysis Section of the Budget Office is responsible for preparing:

State Salary Budget and Controls Section

The State Salary Budget Records and Controls Section of the University Budget Office establishes and maintains budgetary controls on all EPA (employees Exempt from the Personnel Act) and faculty salaries, and salaries of SPA employees (State employees subject to the Personnel Act), where any portion of any salary is budgeted and accounted for through a State budget code. In addition, this area of the University Budget Office is responsible for: