Budget and Cost Analysis

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 5: Maintenance of State Budgets

Operating Budgets

The operating budgets include the Continuation Budget and the Change Budget. After the operating budgets are established, the University Budget Office notifies each department head of the budgets that relate to their area of responsibility. Thereafter, it is the department head's responsibility to see that expenditures are kept within the detail budget subheads certified for each function (departmental account).

Operating Budget Revision

Budget revisions should be based upon continuous program planning and review of cost trends for the current fiscal period. Budget Control Level object codes (2000, 3000, 4000, & 5000) are used in planning and requesting budget revisions. These are shown in the Appendix Statement on Object Codes for Budgets and Expenditures.

Approval for Changes

Requests for changes should be made through the appropriate Vice Chancellor who, in turn, will forward the requests to the University Budget Office for processing. The State Budget Office must approve certain of these budgetary changes (increases). Before sending a budget change request to the State Budget Officer for approval, the University Budget Office must obtain the Chancellor's approval of all such requests. The University Budget Office will notify the department head of such changes as are approved and/or disapproved.

Capital Improvement Budgets

The Chancellor arranges for the establishment of Capital Improvement projects and items, as well as the transfer of appropriations to each project to cover the various phases of implementation, such as planning, designing, and contracting for construction of facilities. The University Budget Office is responsible for maintaining budgetary control of Capital Improvement projects, for working closely with the University Director of Physical Plant in revising project budgets as required, and for obtaining allotments to disburse project funds as the various phases are approved by the State Property and Construction Office.