University Printing & Graphics

Effective Date: 12/21/00

Introduction Statement 1: Printing, Copying and Graphic Services

The Facility

East Carolina University maintains an inplant printing facility which provides printing, copying, graphic design, and other related services to the University community. University Printing and Graphics (UP&G), the auxilliary unit charged with this responsibility, resides in the Harris Building, a 20,000 square foot facility located at 2612 East Tenth Street, Greenville, NC.

UP&G, with its Rapid Copy and CopiServ subsidiaries, provides a full range of graphic services from initial concept and design through typesetting, desktop publishing, high-resolution output, process camera work, single color to process printing, binding, mailing, and copying.

UP&G is a self-supporting auxiliary service and is organized within the Business Services group of the Division of Administration and Finance. All excess revenues generated by UP&G or its subsidiaries are used to improve or expand services offered to the University.