University Printing & Graphics

Effective Date: 12/21/00

Policy Statement 1: General Policy

University policy requires that requisitions for all printing/copying services over the amount of $250 that are to be paid for from state funds, grants, and MFPP funds be submitted to University Printing & Graphics (UP&G) or Rapid Copy.

Those items that can be more efficiently and cost effectively produced on University-owned equipment, other than that which is located in UP&G or Rapid Copy, may be reproduced within the various departmental units that have the required equipment.

A printing or copying order submitted to University Printing & Graphics that can be more feasibly produced off-campus, or one that is beyond the capability of UP&G or Rapid Copy, will be referred to Materials Management for procurement. In such instances, UP&G will provide a job specification sheet and list of recommended vendors along with a purchase requisition to Materials Management, which will then solicit bids for the work. Competitive bids will be forwarded to UP&G where they will be evaluated to determine lowest bid meeting job specifications. UP&G will then submit all bids with a recommendation for award to Materials Management, where a Purchase Order will then be generated. In the case of printing or copying work costing less than $2500, UP&G may obtain at least three quotations and attach them to the original purchase requisition along with a recommendation for award to the lowest bidder meeting job specifications.