University Printing & Graphics

Effective Date: 12/21/00

Policy Statement 2: Services Available


University Printing & Graphics (UP&G)
UP&G is a full-service printing operation capable of providing the majority of the printing and graphic services required by the University. These services include layout and design, mechanical and digital art, scanning and color separations, desktop publishing and typesetting, high-resolution imagesetting, printing of single color to process color work, and a wide range of binding and finishing options. UP&G also offers full presort and bulk-mailing capabilities.

Rapid Copy
Rapid Copy is a subsidiary of UP&G which offers quality copying and fast turnaround of work ranging from flyers, brochures, and forms to saddle, spiral, or perfect bound books. Rapid Copy specializes in University-related work and provides free pickup and delivery. [In conjunction with ECU Student Stores, Rapid Copy provides a custom publishing/Coursepak service for University faculty or departments.] Work to be processed by Rapid Copy should be accompanied by a Rapid Copy Requisition for Copying Services, which may be obtained without cost by calling 328-6171.

CopiServ is the University's copier management program and operates as a subsidiary of UP&G. Under this program, University departments are provided a new copier with all consumables, paper, and maintenance included in a low cost-per-copy charge billed monthly through FRS. Departments are billed only for copies made, and incur no machine purchase or maintenance contract costs. CopiServ customer service representatives regularly visit each machine site to replenish paper supplies and to clean and maintain the copier. Average response time to service calls is 30 minutes or less for CopiServ customer service representatives, and less than three hours, should a service technician be required. CopiServ will provide a replacement machine at no cost if the copier cannot be repaired within six hours. Emergency copying can be handled through Rapid Copy if necessary.

For further information about the CopiServ program, call the Copier Services Manager at 328-6171.

Extension of Services

Services of UP&G are available for educational and research purposes to the faculty, staff and students of the University and other state agencies, and local and regional education or non-profit public agencies. In the case of the latter, prior approval must be obtained from the University Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. Sanctioned social and entertainment events conducted by recognized student organizations are included in this context.

University-related jobs will take precedence over work performed for individuals or for off-campus agencies. In no case will the services of UP&G be used for individual personal gain other than in the pursuit of academic excellence and professional endeavor for the University. Under no circumstances will the services provided by UP&G result in known monetary gain of an employee of the state or any other individual.

Payment Methods

The majority of UP&G charges are paid by transfer of funds by the Business Office (Accounts Payable). However, faculty, staff, students and organizations may also pay by cash or check.

Checks should be made payable to EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY.

Agencies or organizations that have established accounts or officially designated disbursing officials (presidents, treasurers, business officers, etc.) may request "Direct Billing." This procedure involves a statement with invoice attached being mailed to the organization or disbursing official for payment. All "Direct Billing" statements must be cleared within 30 days from receipt of the statement. All personal cash transactions must be paid in full at delivery. A signed receipt will be provided for all "Direct Billing" and cash transactions.

Payment for all orders that are to be paid by cash is the responsibility of the customer.

Cash orders not picked up in 30 days after completion will be referred to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, after reasonable efforts have been exhausted to resolve the matter with the customer by UP&G personnel.


UP&G can give estimates for the various services it provides. These estimates are based on many factors which must be established before the estimate can be completed. These factors include but are not limited to: the number of copies required, type of stock, size of stock to be cut, use of art, typesetting, inks, binding procedures, etc.

Estimates are prepared to reflect fair and reasonable charges necessary to produce the job, based on the factors provided by the customer. However, the actual charge may vary because of customer changes in copy, reduction or increase in number of copies to be printed, delays in proofing causing short deadlines, etc.


All artwork, layouts, formwork, typesetting, etc., ordered by departmental units or individuals must be proofed by the originator of the job order or his/her representative. Requests to have UP&G perform final proofing will be at the risk of the customer. UP&G cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions that are not marked on proof copies (either galley or page proofs). Changes and/or corrections not made by UP&G, as directed by the customer, are the responsibility of UP&G.

Press Proofs

Press proofs are frequently requested on complicated printing work. In the event that a customer requires a press proof, the following provisions should be made:

  1. The originator of the Requisition For Printing/Copying Services must state in writing that a press proof is required, using the Additional Remarks block on the requisition form.

  2. There will be a $30.00 per plate charge for all press proofs required.

  3. The customer must be present when the press proof is run and must certify that the press proof was conducted along with a statement of approval or disapproval. All press proofs will be retained by UP&G.

Delivery Service

A free pick-up and delivery service is provided for East and West campuses including School of Medicine, Pitt County Memorial Hospital and surrounding ECU locations. Special arrangements can be made for delivery to other than main campus locations by contacting UP&G at 328-6468 or Rapid Copy at 328-6171.