University Printing & Graphics

Effective Date: 12/21/00

Procedure Statement 1: Service Procedures

Customer Service

University Printing & Graphics (UP&G) has been established as a service and support element for the University community. Users are encouraged to contact the Director of Printing and staff of the facility for assistance in designing, budgeting and procuring printing/copying services, even though the printed/copied material may be vended off-campus. All complaints or questions regarding scheduling, quality of work, pricing, delivery, etc., should be addressed to the Director of Printing. Please be as specific as possible, giving complete details of the job in question.

Early Contact

Printing requirements and long-run copying requirements should be discussed at the earliest date possible with UP&G personnel. The time allowed between a printing/copying request and job delivery will vary depending on the workload, time required to prepare layout, design, typesetting, etc., length of press run and the binding or finish work required. The schedules shown below should be used as a guide for planning purposes:


* Long runs in excess of 5,000 copies may take longer. Customer delays in proofing or editorial changes may be added to the normal scheduled time.

Vended Printing

At least 30 to 45 days should be allowed for jobs that are to be vended out to off-campus printers by Materials Management and at least 45 to 90 days when State Purchasing and Contract Division bid requests are required. All printing and copying work costing $10,000 or more must be referred to the State Purchasing and Contract Division for competitive bidding unless the work will be performed by UP&G or Rapid Copy.

Forms for Requisitioning Printing/Copying Services

The UP&G Requisition for Printing Services form (see Appendix) must be used when requesting services from UP&G. The Rapid Copy Requisition for Copying Services form (see Appendix) should be used when requesting services from that area.

All questions regarding the use of these forms should be addressed to the staff of UP&G.

Formal Estimates

Requests for formal estimates for printing/copying services should be submitted on a photocopy of the appropriate form for all major printing/copying work. Do not use an actual form. In the space provided for the account number to be charged enter "Request for Estimate."

All formal requests for estimates will be processed as rapidly as possible, depending on the completeness of the required data needed to calculate the estimate, including manuscripts, copy, art photographs, etc., needed for the job. It is highly recommended that requests for estimates for major or complex production be made in person at UP&G.

All formal estimates will be provided to the customer in writing on an UP&G estimate form (see Appendix).

Informal Estimates

Informal estimates will be given for letterhead, envelopes, bond forms, card stock forms, business cards, copying and other "flat-work" requiring no binding or finishing work (except for folding), and little or no typesetting or paste up work. Prices for "flat-work" can be requested by telephone in most cases.

Both formal and informal requests for estimates and a copy of the estimate provided will be maintained on file pending receipt of the actual Requisition for Printing/Copying Services.


Proofing is a very important phase of the printing process and should not be ignored or slighted. Proofing of all art, forms, design and typesetting work is the responsibility of the originator of the job order, as well as those preparing the work.

When the job is ready for proofing, a copy of the finished item along with any text, diagrams and other materials submitted by the originator will be assembled together with a Proof Approval Form (see Appendix). This package will be held for pick up or delivered by UP&G as directed by the customer.

The originator or his/her representative should carefully examine every aspect of the layout and design, including accuracy of text, graphics, diagrams and pagination to determine if the work ordered has been done to specification and is correct as agreed upon between the customer and UP&G personnel.

The proof copy should be marked in red using proofreader marks found on the back of the Proof Approval Form. Marginal remarks and other clear, neat, understandable annotations are acceptable. Feel free to mark on the proof copy as the original is retained at UP&G.

UP&G cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions that are not marked on proof copies. Requests for UP&G proofing only will be at the risk of the customer.

At times, final proofing may be made by the customer at UP&G to both speed up production and provide the customer better visualization of the finished product through screen proof or by viewing the actual mechanicals or color separations in the form of color key proofs.

In the event that design or editorial changes are requested after layout and design has been established and the text and graphics prepared, the customer assumes responsibility for additional cost of such changes and any production time delays incurred.

Student/Faculty/Staff Tours

Student/Faculty/Staff tours of UP&G work areas can usually be arranged for groups studying graphic arts, journalism, geography and planning or other special groups with an identifiable interest in graphic arts and printing/reproduction. Such tours must be requested by a faculty or staff member in writing, addressed to the Director, UP&G, at least 10 days prior to the desired tour date. Tour groups should be broken down into units of no more than 10 persons with a maximum of 20 persons per tour. The tour will last about one hour per group. For additional information regarding tours, contact the Director of Printing.