Environmental Health and Safety

Effective Date: 11/03/00

Policy Statement 14: Use of Chemical Carcinogens


Users of chemical carcinogens shall make reference to the various policy manuals governing, to some degree, the use of these materials. These include: Hazard Communication Standard Written Program, Respiratory Protection Program and the Employee Guide to Chemical Hygiene and Safety (which contains the Policy and Procedures For the Use of Hazardous Materials). In addition, there is a Hazardous Chemicals Safety Committee that advises in all matters related to chemical safety.

Control Practices

Planning and implementation of control practices for the prevention of occupationally acquired cancer and for the protection of the general environment is to be included in all research programs involving known chemical carcinogens.


These guidelines apply to carcinogens identified by agencies or reports such as the National Institutes of Health, IARC Monographs, NTP and those specifically regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Environmental Health and Safety Office

The Environmental Health and Safety Office is responsible for developing policies, assisting principal investigators in implementing these policies, directing the investigation of incidents that result in personnel exposures to carcinogenic chemicals, maintaining safety records and records of required medical examinations, and conducting safety inspections to determine compliance with regulations.

Principal Investigator

The principal investigator is responsible for (1) assuring that all employees are trained in safe practices; (2) reporting exposures, or potential exposures to chemical carcinogens to the Environmental Health and Safety Office and (3) in some instances, submission of a Safety Plan for the research under his/her direction to the Environmental Health and Safety Office. See Policy and Procedure for the Use of Hazardous Chemicals.

Safety Plan

The Safety Plan is to describe the procedures that will be used in handling carcinogens, assess the potential risks, and outline possible methods of determining airborne and surface contamination and waste disposal.

Grant Application

Proposed research projects involving chemical carcinogens are to be reviewed by the Hazardous Chemical Safety Committee to insure among other things that the budget is sufficient to provide medical surveillance, safety supplies, equipment, facilities, etc.

Accidental Exposures

All overt accidental exposures of personnel to chemical carcinogens are to be reported to the Environmental Health and Safety Office.