Environmental Health and Safety

Effective Date: 11/03/00

Policy Statement 19: Chemical Hygiene Plan

OSHA Laboratory Standard

Each and every laboratory that uses hazardous chemicals is regulated by the OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.1450 "LABORATORY STANDARD." All laboratories covered by this standard must maintain a written "Chemical Hygiene Plan" within the lab. Written plans are available from Environmental Health and Safety but must be adapted to individual laboratories.


The Laboratory Standard also requires that employees be trained and informed as to the standard requirements and safe laboratory practices and procedures. The Environmental Health and Safety Office provides initial training but the more detailed and specific information is provided by the laboratory supervisors.

Medical Consultation/ Evaluation

Under certain circumstances, the University will provide employees who work with hazardous chemicals an opportunity to receive medical attention at no cost to the employee. An opportunity to receive medical services will be made available if:

Additional Information

Additional information may be obtained by reviewing the Employee Guide to Chemical Hygiene and Safety. This guide is available in each laboratory and also from Environmental Health and Safety.